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It’s not just the no go region I LOVED this novella. Actually I’m not sure loved is the right word.. What’s better than loved? I don’t know but I ( insert word better than love here) this book… If you are a fan of the Puked series this novella is a must. But if you haven’t read the series and are thinking.. Well heck would I even like these people! HECK yeah read this book.. This book will show you just the right amount to judge whether or not these characters and their stories are for you.. ( if you are one of those don’t ruin anything for me types, I can’t know anything anything about anything before I read types, maybe read the series first, use your best judgement, you are an adult I know you are capable) No it’s not a great love story from start to finish. It’s all those little things in between that we miss out on. These little stories let you get to know the characters just that little bit more. I won’t lie, yeah it will leaving you wanting more because you really can never have enough of these people! I waited forever (or so it feels) to read these deleted scenes and outtakes and it couldn’t have been more worth the wait. I love every second I got to spend with these characters. Be prepared to want to read the whole series again because these short stories will pull you right back into this awesome group of characters. Wait, I think I forgot to mention sexy times.. There is sexy times.. Lots of sexy times. Well those are my thoughts.. Go a head give it a go what have you got to lose?

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A collection of outtakes, deleted scenes, and cut chapters from your favorite Pucked Series characters.

From Pucked:

An Area 51 breach on the kitchen table that was cut from the final draft, plus a holiday outtake showcasing Violet’s exemplary Super MC costume design skills.

From Pucked Up:

Discover just how bad poor Miller “Buck” Butterson’s lukc really is in these deleted chapters, and fall even more in love with the snuggly, reformed manwhore.

From Pucked Over:

Revisit the sexiest, horniest and most prolifically active couple with outtakes and alternative POV’s from Randy Ballistic.

From Forever Pucked:

Check out a never before seen outtake, in which Violet defends her Area 51 position, and get a sneak peek at the first chapter of the Pucked sequel.


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