The Good Ol’ Boy Series by M. Robinson




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Four books, 24 hours. That’s right I read all four books in a span of 24 hours. Why??? Because I couldn’t put these books down. I absolutely devoured them. So bear with me as I take you through my thoughts.

Book 1 ~ Complicate Me.  (Lucas & Alex)

Good fucking god. What did I just read.

This book made me scream, cry, laugh, and want to throw my damn Kindle.
The turmoil in this was at times way to much for my heart to handle. M Robinson will destroy you with this book.

One moment in the book where I fucking think I clinically died for a few seconds. My heart just fucking stopped.

Lucas will make you love him and then want to beat the ever loving snot out of him.
Alex will make you cry big fat ugly tears for her.

This is a MUST READ people. I immediately went and picked up the rest of the books in this series and am going to gorge on them.

Book 2 – Forbid Me (Jacob & Lillian)

And this series just keeps getting better and better.

This book is all about Forbidden romance but it is written in a way that you will understand it and embrace it.

9% in and I was already swooning. Sigh Jacob will make your heart melt with his sweetness.
24% and Jacob made me all hot and bothered. #AlpahHotness
52% Oh my fuck Jacob just burned my panties off
77% Will have you in tears.

I absolutely loved Lillian, she knew what she wanted she was strong, smart and sassy as hell. Jacob just made my heart race, he was just so damn sweet.

Book 3 – Undo Me (Dylan & Aubrey)

Ok now that my heart has slowed down from beating so fast I can write this review.
This is my favorite book of this series. For So Many reasons.

M. Robinson basically abused me with this book and I loved every second of it. She continuously hit me with shocker after shocker. I felt like I was being repeatedly slapped in the face.

At 19 % in I felt my lady parts tingling for Dylan
At 31 % in my ovaries basically exploded from him.
At 53% I was completely destroyed
At 82 % I completely freaked out from the bomb that was dropped.

This book was a complete mindfuck, it will rip you to shreds and leave you gasping for air.

Book 3 Crave Me (Austin & Briggs)

This book is soul searching and completely heartbreaking. You will want to put your arms around Austin and hold him forever. The forgotten one as I like to say. Uggh my heart ached for him.  You just wanted to make his heartache stop, it will leave you a mess.

Grab a box of tissues for this one peeps !!!!


If you are looking for angsty reads that will have you screaming, yelling, crying, swooning this is the series for you.


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It was complicated, it was also just the beginning.

A decision.
A simple choice.
There is always that one moment in life where things could have been different. That one moment where you could have chosen a path that would lead you down a certain road.
A different life.
It was easier to pretend that we were still best friends, and that she was my girl and I was her boy.
Pretending was better than knowing the truth…
I. Ruined. Us.
I had her.
I lost her.
I love her.
All I did was complicate us


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It was only a matter of time until the truth came out.
I never thought it would come to this…
I tried, God knows I tried to stay away from her but eventually I crossed that line and broke that trust. I could no longer go back and I sure as fuck didn’t regret a single moment of it. I knew there would be hell to pay, I knew the wrath I’d be facing but I would willingly take the burns and scars just to have the love of my best friend’s sister.
If there is one person I’d willingly go to hell and back for it was…

Lillian Ryder


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I met her when I was sixteen.
I fell in love with her when I was seventeen.
She brought me to my knees when I was twenty.
I loved her against reason.
I loved her against hope.
I loved her against all odds.
Now she’s back, a constant reminder of what I lost, what could have been.
I hate her.
I resent her.
I still love her.
Can I forgive her…

Will she be my end once again or my beginning?


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They say in order to find yourself you have to go home.
What if home was what you were running from?
Where did that leave you?
Always on the other side of the fence.
Always looking in.
Always wishing you were someone you couldn’t be.
Until one day you meet her.
The one.
She was my high, but she was also…

My demise.


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