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The Book Community Is Killing My Love Of Books

So let’s start from the beginning for me.

I have always had a very strong love for books. I would go to bookstores and buy books. Then Amazon happened and I would order paperbacks. Then I got an IPAD for Christmas and well downloaded the Kindle App and bam my buying of books increased dramatically.

Just over a year ago I discovered an author because I search through Amazon for Romance Series and a sale on her book set of books 1 – 4 came up I bought it and fell in love. So I started doing a search and found her page on Facebook. I used facebook for friends and family but it never occurred to me that I could find authors there too. Then I found out she had a book club group. I immediately joined and oh my god I met so many wonderful people that became my friends. I talk to them more then I talk to the friends I have actually made and met and more than my family.

I discovered book blogs and then in December of last year I thought I can do this I would love to do this. So I did, I started BookSmacked. I started making friends with Authors, Readers, PA’s, Models you name it if they were involved with books I wanted to get to know them. I was amazed at the support everyone gave each other, I thought in my head wow this is awesome. I think I finally found a place I belonged. I am a homebody, I don’t really socialize, I don’t have many friends.

The “Book Community” as it was called welcome me in with open arms. I found my place in this world so to speak. A place where I could use my passion for books and help authors, readers. There was nothing better then getting to know Authors that I absolutely adored, that helped me escape through their words and made me fall in love with their stories over and over again.

But more importantly a place that made me happy. Even my husband commented on it. He loved that I found something that I was passionate about.

Everyday I would log onto the FB Book World as I like to call it. See great posts, talk to great people and discover more great books.

But then….

The first time I saw what I would call drama was about a reader who was shunned and called a cheater for entering a FB event contest. Instead of it being dealt with privately it was splashed all over facebook for everyone to see.

Then it was an author threatening another author with what was almost physical violence. Again all over FB for everyone to see.

And every week there was something else, someone hating one someone.

Blogger vs Author

Author vs Author

Model vs Authors

and the list goes on and on and now when  log onto Facebook that is all I see at least one a week if not more.

And I think to myself sometime I wish I  never discovered this online Book Community. I wish I had just kept to myself and read my books and stayed in my bubble.

I thought the Book Community was my bubble. It was the place where we loved and supported one another. The world was already full of Drama and hate and my beloved Book Community didn’t have that it was full of love and support. It was my escape, my happy place.  Yes I get it not everyone agrees with each other and that’s ok but we can learn to agree to disagree and just move on. But it appears that some can’t and it makes me sad to think I want to leave it because the good outways the bad right?

But the bad is happening more often and more frequently. And the worst part the drama gets to be sooo much so consuming that I find myself focused more on it then discovering new books or talking to others about books they love or books I love.

So I asked myself was I better off before I discovered the Book Community?

Do I leave it?? Because it gives me a headache now a real actual headache when I see the negativity going on.

But what about all the friends I have made. The new passion I discovered that I love helping others. Blog, Authors, Models whatever I love it I love helping them.

I don’t know what to do. But I came to the realization the very sad realization that my passion for books, my love for the written word, my love was being tainted and tarnished by all the drama I see. Because the “Book Community” became my bubble where I felt safe and loved and happy and now I think my bubble has burst.


This post is my opinion and mine only. You can disagree you are entitled to that. I did not edit, or even read over this post and I won’t before I actually hit the publish button. I just typed and typed until I felt I was done. I didn’t check for spelling mistakes I just typed what I felt and fuck even know I don’t remember everything I said it just came out and I couldn’t stop it. It probably makes no sense but I don’t care it is how I am feeling right now.





16 thoughts on “The Book Community Is Killing My Love Of Books”

  1. Totally agree with you Mel 😦 I was verbally abused the other week because I asked someone to take something down from my blog that wasn’t appropriate to genre it was for, I had a PA call me out on an email for not posting a “rafflecopter”. My bubble has also burst and I feel like I fighting a losing battle to get it back to what it was, im reading out of necessity (to get reviews in on time) rather than for Joy. We me through the same amazing authors book club and I dont even know when I will get the chance to read her new release – I have just had an author email me to say they have moved up their release date and therefore I have half the time i thought to read and review. I want to help so much but am just left feeling taken for granted – I will keep going but I know in my heart too many things have happened to bring things back to the way they were 😦 G xx


  2. I agree with you..FB has way too much drama and who knows what to believe. Anyway, as a consolation there is a place you can go to feel safe…have you tried I love it, have found so many other authors and fellow book readers…we recommend books all the time. There are some groups and there is usually a “no drama” clause somewhere in the rules. Have made some wonderful friends too…Please check it out and “feel safe and happy again”…


  3. I’m an indie author and I was very much like you, the book world on facebook was my bubble. I met a lot of wonderful people who are willing to help each other and promote each other. They are supportive and have become my internet friends. But much like you, I have seen the negativity. People being cruel and vindictive for no reason.

    Being an indie author is difficult, you are doing everything yourself, and self-promotion is incredibly difficult, but I love it. But like you said, when you are confronted with negativity, have people report you for sexually explicit images when the image in question has everyone completely clothed, and have bloggers refuse to acknowledge you and promotion pages block you because you mistakenly posted on the wrong day, is hard to deal with. It’s very discouraging.

    I was happy to read your post, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. After the crap that I’ve been through, I took a step back from facebook for a while and my sales suffered greatly. But I wouldn’t change my choices. I love writing and I do it for me. Professionally I’m a teacher, the mother of 4, and a wife, I just decided that the negativity wasn’t worth my annoyance anymore.

    Thank you for this post, and I hope you find your happiness again!



  4. I agree with every word that you have said but I would like to add a few things, some of these are things that you might disagree with however what I am going to say is my opinion from what I have seen first hand within this “community” since becoming a part of it.

    I’m not the most avid reader on the planet, I enjoy a good book and I love it when people come together over a common interest, I love it more when those people who go out of their way to create that interest are also there to interact and show that they appreciate their followers and the support between the two is mutual.

    I have been here in this community now for a few months and I have tried to get on with everybody, to interact as much as possible and to push myself to become more involved, what I found however that this community is like a never ending rabbit hole where you fall and fall and the deeper you get the more messed up things become.

    From the outside what I saw was people showing support for their favourite authors and their work, and the authors interacting, giving things away, running competitions and supporting each other. Now however I’m in the hole, and I’m falling without a way to stop, on a daily basis I see authors complain about each other, I see people who are seen as role models show hate and act in ways that would disgust people normally. The only reason that they get away with it is because of their “fans” acting like sheep and going along with their every word.

    There are problems on every side of this, there are authors at war with each other when they should be willing to help, friendly competition works better than all out war but nobody seems to see this.

    There seem to be people in groups who couldn’t actually give a damn about the authors that are there day after day missing time with their family to build a career, these people only want to be a part of it all so they can get things for free. They won’t leave a review, they won’t share a post but when it comes to a giveaway they are the first to comment.

    Then there are the PR companies who misguide the readers and the bloggers, I have seen more than one blogger sign up to a single release only to be thrust onto a master list and then spammed with email after email without even signing up. These PR companies try to control as much as possible, while it’s in their best interest it is the author who pays them, shouldn’t the author be in control?

    The worst thing though is the fact that the primary platform that allows these authors to sell their work is one that will screw them and their readers over without a second glance.

    Everything has an ugly side, I’m just waiting to see how ugly this can all get. I’ll keep on falling for now, I’m committed to helping authors no matter how ugly things around us get. The only question I have to ask myself though is how bad will it get before I need somebody to come and pull me out?


  5. Mel, you spoke the words I’ve been feeling for months. I’m an author, not because it makes me money or brings me fame, but because I love to write. More than that, I am COMPELLED to write. My first book didn’t do that great because I knew little about promotion. Then I discovered FB, and the “book community”. I, too, am a homebody. I’m not very good at social media (which you are pretty kick ass at) and posting and interacting isn’t natural for me. But I’ve been trying to make connections, trying to get my author voice heard.

    But its become painful. I dread logging onto FB because of drama, negativity, and my own natural tendency to see others’ success and feel a sense of failure because of my own online awkwardness. I’ve considered just quitting, too, but I feel like I need FB to keep promoting.

    I’ve taken a step back. Logging in less. Interacting less. Just to protect myself, and to keep my sanity, and re-find my love of books and writing.

    Some readers are awesome. But then I get asked for free books (when mine are only 99c) and when I offer giveaways, I get requests for OTHER books of their choice instead of my own. Because obviously I’m an author and have gobs of money.

    I feel your bitterness and disappointment. I am totally IN YOUR BOAT WITH YOU. What seemed like such a shiny new car from a distance, now that I’m close, I can see the rust on the bottom, the dings in the door, and the birdshit splattered all over the windshield. But, for me as an author, as long as the damn car runs, I guess I’ll be sitting in the back, holding on for the duration of the ride. Trying to keep my emotions at home.

    Mel, I want you to know I personally have appreciated everything you’ve done for authors, and can tell you have genuine passion for the industry. Thanks. I hope you can make a choice that is best for you and rediscover your love for everything books.



  6. It is really sucky, but in many respects I agree with you… I don’t book blog (I use my blog to get crappy shit out of my head) and when I first found book groups on facebook I was excited, happy, it was like all the special days rolled into one… People *got* it when I talked about books in groups. Now… Not so much. I feel ashamed if I don’t like something everyone raves about, or if I like something that everyone else hates.

    It’s also, as you said, not a very safe and supportive community in many instances anymore.

    Word vomit over, you do what is best for you. If that is withdrawing, not withdrawing, taking a break, or a step back, or whatever else you need to do for YOUR happiness… Do it. ❤


  7. This is strange to me because it hasn’t been my experience, but I’m not coming at it from a blogging perspective which means you meet more authors than I do. I see drama, BUT I found an amazing community in my genre that I love. I keep my main interactions to that core group and treat everything else as a guest appearance online. It really helps. That may change if my readership grows, but, for now, life is amazingly drama free.


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