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Yes !! I’m that #Creepy Wife

So reflection time I am about a week away from my 2 year wedding anniversary. However, we’ve been together for 9 years.

We’ve been through ups and downs in our relationship, I mean what fucking couple hasn’t right. However, I think to myself we makes our marriage/relationship so strong. It’s pretty simple. Respect, Trust, Love & Lots and lots laughter

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at my husband without love in my heart. I’m quite creepy about it, I can stare at the man for hours. #CreepyWife. He hates it. Often times he tells me to stop looking at him cause its fucking creepy. Who am I kidding, he tells me that everytime I do it, but it doesn’t stop me.

Yes I am that creepy wife. I will smell him without shame. I will take unsuspecting pictures of him while he is sleeping. I will touch him where he hates to be touched, I don’t give a fuck.

Stares at husband for minutes on end. I think to myself, damn I married a bad boy.

Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, 6’1, Tattoos everywhere. Yup, he’s like one of those bad boys that read about in the books I love.

Hubby notices me staring and looks up. “Why you looking at me like that?.”

“Can’t I look at my husband?.” I slowly glide my eyes from top to bottom like a predator looking at her prey. Admiring everything I’m seeing. Damn my hubby is hot!!!

He gives me this look, his eyes appear to get this heat to them. I see lust in his eyes.

“Geez babe!!, don’t look at me like that.” his voice has turned dangerously low.

I think oh this is going to turn into something sexual, I’m getting excited all over. I like my lips in anticipation.

He tilts his head towards me. “Really, stop l o o k i n g at me like that.”

“Why?” I say with a coy smile liking where this is headed

“Because it’s fucking creeping me the fuck out.”

Well fuck, bubble burst. I think I’ve read too many romance books. LOL

But here’s thee thing, the day you stop looking at your spouse with nothing but love or if you ask my hubby he would say creepiness is the day your relationship is over.

So stare at your spouse daily and while you are doing it think about all the reasons you love that person. Think of things that made you smile when you are with that person. Life gets busy, we have things going a mile a minute sometimes, but don’t forget that person beside you is your partner, your life, your best friend, your other half, your world.

Be that Creepy Wife or that Creepy Husband.




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