Stoned by Mandi Beck




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This is the first book I have read by Mandi Beck. To say I loved it is an understatement.

It is a beautifully written, heart wrenching story. This story to me was about Love, Loss, Addiction, Pain, Forgiveness, Second Chances and Hope.

Stone is a Rock Star with an addiction. He lives like a Rock Star and ultimately his addiction has Willow walking out of his life forever. We see him go through his addiction and battle it. I found that at times I hated him and got angry wanting to reach into the book itself and slap the ever loving shit out of him. How could he be so stupid????
That’s how good the writing is it makes you feel like you are right in the midst of it.

Willow… Fuck that woman is so damn strong. You just want her to have a happy ending. At times I found myself wanting her to move on and at times I desperately wanted Stone to get his shit together.

At a point in this story Mandi Beck will divulge something that will rock  you to the core. You heart will pretty much shatter into pieces.

This story thankfully has an HEA, but damn you will be put on a roller coaster of emotions before you get there.

Even after I finished this book. I sat for what seemed like a lifetime absorbing what I had just read. Staring into nothing pretty much. Taking deep breaths and with trembling hands attempted to snap myself back to reality.

This is book 1 in the Wrecked Series and I am completely fucking Wrecked just after this book. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this series will be.

I will be watching for book 2 and will definitely one click for sure.




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“A rock star with no rhythm is a man with no soul.” – Stone Lockhart

As the lead singer of one of the hottest bands to hit the rock scene, fucks are free, drugs come easy, and music is life.
For as long as Stone can remember, Willow has been his music – the notes that weave his soul together.
His rhythm.
Until he threw her away.
All he has left is a handful of pills and a few lines of powder to make him forget her.
And he tries, over and over.

Clean and ready to make things right, he’s faced with the fact that Willow’s moved on. She’s not the same girl he cast aside. Willow’s a woman sure about her purpose in life. Sure about who she’s meant to love.
Stone may be lost without his rhythm, but Willow has found so much more.


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