Broken Pieces by Allie Able




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What a fantastic debut for an author.

Allie had me from the get go in this book. The prologue alone will have your chest pounding and your insides reeling. By page 3 I was feeling stabby and ready to fuck someone up.

This is a story about Summer whose ex husband is abusive. She tries to start fresh and meets Grant. Can he break down the walls she’s put up?

Summer’s story will break your heart and you will find yourself captured by her and Grants story. It’s a story of love and healing. I loved the characters in this book and Allie made them come to life. I felt myself knowing them on such a personal level.

This story has some angst in it as well and will have you yelling and wanting to throw your kindle.

Such a great love story but also deals with some pain and abuse. It will have you from beginning to end.

Awesome book I will definitely be reading the next ones in this series.

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The quaint coastal town of Cape Isle, South Carolina, is the perfect spot for Summer Foster when she escapes her abusive husband.
Finally able to live her dream of owning a bakery, Summer begins the task of rebuilding her life, making sure there is no room for romance or relationships, because in her experience they only lead to trouble. However, when Grant Hamilton, who has served as a Marine for the last ten years, crosses her path, the chance encounter has them both rethinking their futures, as there is no denying the magnetic pull they feel towards each other.
When Summer’s past returns to haunt her, will Grant help Summer pick up the scattered pieces of her life, or will they all fall apart?

**This book can be read as a standalone.


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