Fire & Brimstone by R.L. Mathewson




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If you haven’t read the Neighbor From Hell series well first you are missing out big time. 

This series is one of my all time favs. So when R.L. surprised us all and released this book without warning I went out of my mind. I mean its the Bradfords, they are my favorite book Bastards. Full of ridiculousness, hotness, Alpha male stubbornness. 

The Bradford woman equally as great. Always have some tricks up their sleeves, I mean you need to in order to be with a Bradford. Those bastards are sneaky.

This book is about Lucifer (Christopher) and Rebecca. She is the waitress he can’t get rid of (a major pain in his ass), He is the asshole that everyone runs from. He meets his match with her and what ensues in comedic gold. I fucking laughed my ass off at the antics in this book. 

I mean take a look at some of my fav quotes. They had me dying !!! DEAD !!!!

“Do you want to tell me what happened?” the handsome doctor that was apparently Lucifier’s father asked.
Doing her best to appear sweet and innocent, something she’d actually practiced in high school. she looked up. allowed her bottom lip jsut the slightest of trembles and said, “I forgot the safe word again.
“Oh, my fucking God! Stop saying that! Lucifer shouted from the hallway where his mother, who actually turned out to be a very sweet woman, had banished him so that she could be examined in peace.

And another fav..

“Then you carefully roll the condom down the banana,” Melanie said brightly as she finished rolling the condom that she’d apparently forgotten to use, down a large banana while he stood there alongside Rebecca, glaring at her.

This book is just completely hilarious. It is definitely a fav read of mine for this month and this year. I venture to say this is my second favorite book of this series. Only second behind Trevor’s book well because Trevor is my fav Bastard. 

A definite must read. And if you haven’t read this series at all well then you should. They are currently on sale (at time of this posting) Books will be listed below. 

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What happens when a Bradford with questionable OCD, a tempter and a reputation for making his employees cry falls for the woman that refuses to accept the fact that he’s fired her and was terrifyingly more of a Bradford than he was?
Well, we can’t share that here, because it would be seriously inappropriate, but we’re sure that you can see where this is leading…
To the altar or a stint in the slammer, either one is possible when it comes to the Neighbor from Hell Series.
Author’s Note: This book along with the rest of the series is intended to make you smile, let you relax and forget the drama and stress that plagues our lives even if its just for a little while. This is a drama free book. My goal is to put a smile on your face and I hope this book does that.


A Bonus Excerpt 

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked, going completely still as she told herself that she was imagining this.
“Is it helping?” he demanded instead of explaining why he’d thought that it was a good idea to climb in bed with her and spoon her, wrapping his arms tightly around her and pulling her closer.
“It’s definitely creeping me out!” she snapped, because she couldn’t tell him that it was actually helping her and that some of the pain was subsiding.
“That didn’t answer my questions,” he said, adjusting his hold around her and making the pain bearable.
It didn’t go away, but at least she didn’t feel like she was seconds away from screaming in agony anymore.
When she didn’t answer him, because she stubbornly refused to admit that anything he did was helping, he started to pull his hand away. “I guess if it isn’t helping…” he said, letting his words trail off as he continued to pull his hand away.
Glaring at the wall and hating him for toying with her like this, she grabbed his arm and yanked it back in place. “It’s helping! Are you happy?”
“Overjoyed,” he said with a chuckle that she refused to find pleasing as he wrapped his arms back around her and held her close.


Other Books In The Neighbor From Hell Series in Reading Order

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