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Title: Josiah’s Love and Justice

            Volume V: Into Tomorrow

Author: Lucas X. Black              

Genre: BDSM                               



As the saga comes toward its end, the family meets with fresh new challenges and some old skeletons in long-forgotten closets. Tim reaches out to Darla through General Orton with a request, and old scars are ripped open in a confrontation that will hopefully lead to long-needed healing for all concerned.

And Josiah receives an unexpected call from someone he didn’t know existed, his niece, asking him to come to San Antonio to attend his long-lost brother, who has his own burdens to add to Josiah’s shoulders. Along the way, the family grows tighter with one another, and stronger, leading to a signal event…







“This isn’t abuse,” Haiylee said, looking Autry in the eye. “I freely chose this. Hell, I asked him, literally with words asked him to do this. I practically begged. Good Lord, I even cut and bundled the switches we used. I don’t expect you to understand, Dr. Autry. But that doesn’t give you any right to judge me for my free choices. Nobody was harmed, Doctor, nobody was terrorized or coerced, and it’s a sure bet I’m going back for more of the same any chance I can get. I think you’re right, though. I won’t be a good fit here.”






**Contains consensual scenes of graphic sex and BDSM, including bondage, whipping, and punishment for readers above the age of eighteen years.**


Lucas X. Black is a lifelong dominant living in southern Texas, where he is engaged as a full-time writer.  He is formerly a paramedic of many long years’ experience, and often incorporates that knowledge base into his writing.  Away from home, he enjoys spicy and exotic foods, loves to fish, and loves going to the movies.  In his home, behind the closed doors of his dungeon, he is a sadist and humorist, in love with eliciting a range of sensation and reaction from his oh, so willing victims …


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