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Dear Author

Before I start this “letter” or whatever you want to call it. I will say this most of what I say just comes out, I don’t normally read it over, I don’t edit, or spellcheck thoroughly. It is mostly word vomit and once in awhile I feel I just must speak. This is how I choose to do it, unfiltered, unscripted, no drafts just typing until I stop. I read a book today, it made me think and then all of a sudden I had to open up my laptop and type. So here goes.


I know that you are grateful for your readers and that you appreciate each and every one of them. What I am not sure of is if you really know how much you mean to me, (and if I may be so bold as to speak on behalf of other readers like myself), to us.

You pour your heart out into each and every book you write. And let me be the first to tell you that I see that, I know that. I think I  can understand the blood sweet and tears you put into each book. I understand how you hope that even one person will read it. Maybe I am assuming when I have no business to assume, but from what you (this is what you would call an open letter) tell me I think that I can safely assume this is correct.

What I really want to say to you Author is this. Your book(s) inspire me, they are not just words, they are hugs when I desperately need them, They are my laughter when I need a pick me up. They are my entertainment when I want something that will punch  me in the gut, because absolutely love a drama and a good mind fuck. They are my smiles when I read your romances that make my heart beat just a little faster. They are my escape. They help me heal from wounds I thought were gone and forgotten only leaving behind faint scars.

Not only that you Dear Author have helped me come out of my shell.

You Dear author have helped me find my passion and helped me express my passion for the written word. You’ve helped me by encouraging me with your words. You helped me discover new friends some of whom I’ve never met but consider to be friends some would even say family. In fact some that dare I say I am closer to then my own flesh and blood.

So to you Dear Author when you feel like you should give up writing I beg of you don’t. Because out there you are healing someone, you are making them laugh when they need a pick me up you are bringing them complete and utter joy.

Really Dear Author I thank you from the bottom of my awkward, nerdy, and sometimes crazy heart. You will never truly know how grateful I am for you. For what you do, for putting your passion out there for me to see, to enjoy, to read, to feel.

Love Always

Your Friend





7 thoughts on “Dear Author”

  1. I love your letter!!!! I think you just helped a ton of authors who were probably feeling down on themselves not give up! Thank you. And many hugs! You’re exactly the kind of reader I’ve always wanted.


    1. Aww thank you. I felt the need to write it and am honestly humbled by the reaction I am getting by it. Books mean the world to me and I wanted a way to express my gratitude to all you wonderful Authors out there 🙂


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