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I almost peed multiple times!

This was my first book by R.D. Berg & Ashley Christin and fucking hell I loved every second of this book. This book was the perfect Love-Hate story with a ton of comedy.

Maverick and Lundyn can’t stand each other. They hate the fact that they want each other and fight tooth and nail to deny those feelings. When Lundyn returns home what ensues is hilarious banter back and forth and pranks. Their very first encounter when Lundyn comes home immediately had me laughing so hard my sides fucking hurt.

Prison! I can’t go to prison, I’m claustrophobic as fuck, and I am petite. I will definitely be someone’s bitch on the first night. 

I couldn’t get enough of this book. They pissed each other off so much and yet their chemistry was on fire. I was in anticipation wanting to see whether they would just get it on already.

The secondary characters in this book were equally as addicting. We meet Maverick’s sister/Lundyn’s best friend – Harlow and Mavericks best friend – Finn. These two were absolutely hilarious in this book. When Harlow & Finn stage a lover-vention for Mav & Lundyn, I fucking DIED !!!!!!!!!!

This book was over the top outrageous but that is what made this book absolutely fantastic.
It has a great HEA that will have you smiling from ear to ear and an ending that will leave your mouth hanging open saying FUCK I NEED THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I tried to do everything in my power to distance myself from Maverick Strong; Even putting some miles between us by moving across country. Yet, here I find myself back where I started from – in my hometown and too close to Maverick. This time there will be no running away. This time I am finally putting an end to this vendetta.

Trying to forget her was like trying to avoid a head-on collision with a semi truck – it just wasn’t happenin’. My little sister’s best friend and my enemy since sophomore year. Our hate is mutual and a must – it’s also fun. When Lundyn moves back home after leaving town the day after … Ah, I’m getting ahead of myself. Either way, the hate is still strong and if hating isn’t right, I don’t want to be wrong.

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This book releases Oct 20th and is available for Preorder



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