All In (Full Tilt Book 2)


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Gripping ! The emotions pour out of this book and consume you completely. 

Take deep breaths !!! Take deep deep breaths !!!! Compose yourself. 

That is what I told myself after reading this book. 

After Book 1 basically destroyed me I wasn’t too sure that I could read Book 2 to be honest.I thought how can book 2 possibly work, how am I going to be able to get past Book 1. I got both books at the same time and after reading Full Tilt Book 1 I need to give myself a few days to pick up the pieces that it left me in. 

So after a few days I picked up this book and started to read and by PAGE THREE people I mean PAGE F*ing 3 I was in full on tears again. CRAP here we go, I stopped went and grabbed a box of Kleenex, a nice cup of tea and some biscuits knowing that I would want to “Eat my feelings” after finishing this book. 

I don’t like to give spoilers and talking about the storyline of this book would spoil book 1 so instead I will focus on how a book made me feel and this book had me crying constantly. Sad silent tears streaming down my face, sobbing until I couldn’t breathe tears, and tears of happiness. 

This book was for me a story about loss (devastating rip your heart out loss), love (all consuming love), and finding light at what seemed like a tunnel that would never fucking end. This series really is just amazing, beautiful, almost something I can’t even put into words. It grips at your very soul and even as I type this review those silent tears are streaming down my face. 

I can’t say anything more about this book other then it was brilliant and that everyone needs to read it. 


**NOTE you need to read book 1 of this Series Full Tilt prior to reading All In.



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Reeling from her loss, Kacey Dawson is grieving and heartbroken, her addictive demons hauling her back into the alcohol-soaked abyss she worked so hard to crawl out of. Kacey teeters on the edge of oblivion, and must fight her way through the pain, to build a new life for herself with her music, and somehow fulfill the promise she made to Jonah…one she feels is impossible to keep.

Theo Fletcher has a secret burning in his heart, one that he holds close, while he struggles to keep strong for his family that is falling apart. His mother’s health is fragile and his father’s disapproval is breaking him down. Theo is afraid if he follows his heart, he’ll fail, and not just himself, but his brother who believed in him when no one else did.

Drawn together by their pain, Theo and Kacey slowly build a friendship, re-forge old ties, help each other to heal, and give one another the courage to reach for their dreams. Together, from the depths of grief and guilt, they learn to laugh again, to trust again, and quite possibly find something beautiful and lasting amid the shattered pieces of their broken hearts.

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