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Debut Authors That Knocked My Reading Socks off 2016


These are the new authors that released their debut books in 2016 that totally blew my mind and ended up not only on ones to watch list but they are now on my “stalker” list.

Now bare in mind that some of these authors are already established but did team up with another author and wrote under a pen name. To me that classifies them into this category. 

This list is in no particular order. 


Aimee Noalane – I had a friend basically tell me she would disown me if I didn’t read the first book released by this author. I decided to fit this into my already pretty packed schedule and FUCK I am so glad that I did. Her debut book No Regrets was a fantastic read that has me salivating for more for this new author. This book had me completely consumed, addicted, and overwhelmed with emotions. I have already had the privilege of reading book 2 Living With Regrets which is the follow up to No Regrets and it’s even better than the first. I’m not kidding if you are looking for a book that will give you all the damn feels then check these out. At the time of this posting Living With Regrets is available for preorder and will release Dec 28. 


Max Monroe – A secret duo of authors that will have you peeing your pants and falling in love with their Bad Boy Billionaire Series. With characters such as BigDickedBrooks and The Jolly Green Giant I mean come on comedy genius. These two authors had me pretty much pissing myself laughing I mean that literally, I definitely tinkled. This series had characters that would appeal to anyone. The only hard task here was choosing which was your favourite. They came out with a total of 6 books for this series.

Tapping The Billionaire (Book1)Tapping Her (Book 1.5) *Novella

Banking The Billionaire (Book 2)Banking Her (Book 2.5) *A Novella

Scoring The Billionaire (Book 3)Scoring Her (Book 3.5) *A Novella

I gotta say this may be my top rom com reads of the year. That list will come soon these books are definitely on it. 


Erin Watt – the writing super duo of Elle Kennedy & Jen Frederick. I mean already just those two names tells you that their books will be legend. Together these two released a series called The Royals. Three books in total, Paper Princess, Broken Prince & Twisted Palace. The Royals Series created a frenzy, I mean people couldn’t get enough of these books. I was one of them. Paper Princess gave me one of the biggest book hangovers I have ever experienced. I just couldn’t get this book out of my head for months, I even went as far as to download the playlist and play it on repeat over and over again. I could literally close my eyes and envision myself in this story. I believe that another Author said this was the Cruel Intentions of this generation and I couldn’t agree more. Sidenote: Loved that movie.  Even now as I type this I am instantly brought back to this series and Reed Royal. Fuck yes Reed Royal he is something else. Shit here I go again right back into these books. I think its time for a re read. 


Kennedy Fox – I swear this is a theme this year because this is yet another duo of secret authors. They came out with Checkmate: This Is War, an enemies to friends romance. The cover caught my attention and I blindly signed up to read and review Book 1. You will be hooked. The cat and mouse game will fire you up and the ending of book one will make you say WHAT THE FUCK !!!  I love cliffy’s and this one had one hell of a cliffy. Don’t worry book 2 Checkmate: This is Love is already out so you don’t have to wait like I did. Book 2 of course was devoured and again I loved every second of it. I screamed, I gasped, I fucking giggled as well. The main character Travis King will give you a Lady Boner. Just saying. Can’t wait for more books from these two. 


S.T. Abby – A rom com author writing under a pen name of S.T. Abby released the MindFuck series. A five book series revolving around one bad ass chick who is out for revenge and man does she fucking get it.Along the way she falls in love with an FBI agent who is actually in charge of finding her but he doesn’t know it. Starting with The Risk,  SidetrackedScarlet AngelAll The Lies & Paint It All Red. Each book better then the previous one.  This series will leave you on edge of your damn seat with each book.  Completely different from what I am used to reading and man oh man just fucking intense as hell. The series is so aptly named because I was seriously MindFucked !!!!! First she fucking released five books in one month, yes they are not quite full length books but holy shit I loved this. We get to read an entire series in one month we only had to wait a week for each book. Just genius and let’s not even get started on the pen name S.T. Abby ???? STABBY ???? FUCK OFF really that is brilliant shit right there. I can’t wait to see what more comes from this author. 


Well there you have it the debuts that fucking knocked my damn reading socks off. Looking forward to what these Authors have in store for us in 2017. 

~Bitch Be Readin





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