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Reflection of a Blogger – Year in Review


So it’s been a hell of a year, I ventured into the Book Community and it welcomed me with open arms. I started a blog, got involved in some of the behind scenes with Authors and let me tell you never in my imagination did I think I would ever get to interact and talk with some of my favorites much less have them remember my name or the Blog. It’s been fanfuckingtastic.

So the reason I did this, the reason I started this was to share my love for the books that captured my heart, made me fucking stabby as hell, and introduced me to some wonderful wordsmiths who consumed me with their words. I read close as I type this 157 books, next year I plan to read even more. I learned how important leaving reviews were, yes peeps you want to thank an Author leave a review. It can be as simple as five stars I loved this book. Not difficult, not time consuming but supportive. They took the time to pour their hearts and countless hours into writing a book for you to enjoy you can certainly take the 5 seconds to leave a simple three word review. What’s that saying “ A little goes a long way “

Ok so what are some of the things in the past year that I will always remember and while to some may seem insignificant to me I squee’d and freaked out about because I was so fucking excited. In no particular order of importance.

Starting a blog, I was scared I was nervous as hell. Then I just did it and the book community embraced me, my book friends that I had met supported the shit out of me and I was off like a toddler swimming in the deep end with no fucking clue what I was even doing. I spent hours literally hours blogging, setting up, it got a little overwhelming. I decided that I needed help, I need to find someone that could help me run the blog. In the very first book club that I ever joined C.M. Owens Book Club, yes I’m giving props because it is one of the very best book clubs ever, it was my first and C.M. Owens is one of my favorite authors.


(We will discuss her cute Alabama ass later). Where was I??? Oh yeah, so in that book club there was a discussion, I don’t remember how it started all I remember was that I decided to try a paranormal book by C.M. and there was another book club member who was also reading the same paranormal book. We were both para virgins, but we fell in love with this series so we chatted and that is how I discovered “MY PERSON”.  Veronica Ashley, she’s my person, we talked and a friendship grew so I decided to ask her if she would be interested in co-blogging with me. She said YES !!!

She fucking said YES !!! Now it sounds like a marriage proposal for crying out loud. But when you find “Your Person” you just know that person will be your friend for the rest of your life. And so here we are a year later our friendship is stronger and I wouldn’t want to run the blog with anyone else. There is no one else that I could even imagine running this blog with me. I FLOVE THAT BITCH, even though she is a jerk lol.

Ok enough about her, (she might read this and then her ego will explode) can’t have that shit.

Let’s get back to the Alabama cutie. Who is really an evil person in disguise as a cute sweet woman with a southern accent. C.M. Owen’s, I discovered her books searching Amazon. The Sterling Shores series to be exact. It was a four book special for .99. By the way it’s still on for .99 so if you haven’t read this series, I highly suggest that you do. In fact I insist on it. C.M. Owens has become my mentor, not in the way that you think because I don’t think that becoming an Author is for me. But she is my mentor in that she continuously supports me, she helps me with my passion, she wants me to succeed as a blogger and often times will offer me her knowledge, advice, encouragement. No money in the world can replace the kind of friendship and guidance she gives me. Even though she made me a crazy bitch in one of her books who metaphorically boils a rabbit. Her paranormal series Deadly Beauties are the only paranormal books to date that I have been able to read. I am not a fan of para but those books are just fucking awesome. I still freak out everytime I see that she likes one of my posts, or sends me a message. #FangirlForLife #CMMotherfuckingOwens.

So yes meeting CM is one of my highlights of the year. We haven’t met in person and I may have had a opportunity to video chat with her and completely froze up and asked for her sister when I should have been talking to her lol but regardless I will never forget the advice, help, support she gives me continuously. Also I do finally get to meet her in Vegas in 2018 so hopefully I don’t go all psycho crazy so she has to call security to escort me out or something like that. 

Ok let’s see other memorable moments in my life as a blogger and a member of the book community.

LA Casey accepting my friend request and then commenting on a post of mine.#FanGirlDown. I’m her best friend now, I’m not kidding I have proof.



See I am not fucking lying. LA Casey is the Author of my all time favorite series The Slater Brothers. I have read those books over a dozen times. To be able to interact with her is simply everything. I stalk her without shame on the regular.

Jamie McGuire choosing my blog to get an ARC of Beautiful Funeral. I swear I almost fainted. Beautiful Disaster was the very first paperback I ever bought myself when I rediscovered my love of reading. So when the blog was selected to receive an ARC I was fucking honored and I may have done a private happy dance while screaming my head off.

Getting a Paperback Copy ARC of The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas. Another author whose This Man trilogy introduced me to my ultimate Book Boyfriend. Jesse Ward, Lord of the Manor. So I requested an ARC and thought yeah I’m a small time blogger, but what the hell doesn’t hurt to try right. I never thought I would actually get one, and then a package came in the mail. I felt it and knew it was a book. Never did I think that it would be The Protector so when I opened and saw it I fucking almost fainted. It is my very first paperback ARC copy and it will hold a special place on my bookshelf right beside the rest of Jodi’s books.


I discovered a secret duo of authors called Max Monroe. Their Bad Boys Billionaire series had me laughing so damn hard I tinkled. I instantly became a fan. They had a contest and part of the contest was to submit your real life story of romance, readers would then vote on their favorite and the winner(s) there was two would have their stories incorporated into their book Tapping Her. The authors would put their twist on the story. Well I submitted the story of how me and my husband met and OH MY GOD I ended up being one of the winners. It is one of the highlights of my year, my little story of how I met my husband is in a fucking published book holy shit. 

Essentially I got to interact with a ton of authors that became my favorites before I found this “online book community” However another absolute bonus for me was that I continually discover new authors, I also get to be part of some amazing things including helping some new authors with promotion of their books and getting visibility. Which leads me to a group called SASS (Struggling Authors Street-Team Service) This wonderful group created by a book friend, fellow blogger and also someone who helped me get my start as a blogger, Stacey Davies. This group is dedicated to helping new or struggling Indie Authors. From pimping, to advice, help with graphics, blog tours, release blitzes you name it they do it. It really got me to venture into some other things besides just being a blogger. Go check out this group they really do a fantastic and amazing job. Here is the link to their page.

I am very honored and proud that I got to help some amazing authors get seen. I will continue to help as many as I can when I can. Some other great things is that these authors to the time to thank me and while I really am just happy to have been a part of their world I was truly honored to see my name in the acknowledgements of their books. I don’t think you realise how much that means to me. 

I also started a book club, a place for like minded ladies such as myself to talk about life, books and just have fun. It’s turned into a great group of amazing bitches. I love these woman they are like a second family to me. We have so much fun, we talk about books, we joke around. It’s called B.A.N.G. (lol) BookSmacked and Naughty Girls book club.


I’d say get your mind outta of the gutter when you think of B.A.N.G. but if you were in the group you would say the name is appropriate lol. I never imagined how quickly it would grow, I never expected how much interaction we would have in it. These woman turned into sisters for me I can’t imagine life without them. 

The absolute number one best thing about being a blogger though is all the friends I have made as a result. This book community is simply amazing. I feel as though I have found my place in this world. The geeky, homebody who just loves to read. Books brought me more than just an escape into a wonderful and fantastic world. Books helped me find a family unlike any other.

I look forward to what 2017 will bring. New books, new reads, new friends. I can only think it will be even better than this year.

Thank you for listening, for following our crazy blog, for interacting for being the wonderful amazing people you are. I could go on and on because there are so many highlights that I have had in my first year as a blogger and I have so much to say but I doubt anyone even made it this far because I talk a lot and I tend to ramble most of it not even making any sense. If you did well shit you deserve a cookie. Go get one now pick up a book and enjoy your day. 




4 thoughts on “Reflection of a Blogger – Year in Review”

  1. This is absolutely amazing. It has been a blessing getting to know you. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings to us both!! Love you!!


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