Fav Books of 2016


It’s a new year but we want to share with you all our fav reads of 2016. These are books we highly recommend because we loved them. They gave us the “feels”, they made us laugh, they made us cry, they made us scream and want to throw our kindles at times. They were books we won’t soon forget and ones we will re read again and again.




In no particular order.  Mel’s fav reads.

Unstable ♦️ SE Hall ➡️
Perfectly Toxic ♦️ C.m. Owens ➡️
The Mindfuck Series ♦️ S.T. Abby ➡️
(The Risk, Sidetracked, Scarlet Angel, All The Lies, Paint It All Red)
A Love Letter To Whiskey ♦️ Kandi Steiner ➡️
Undo Me ♦️ Author M.Robinson ➡️
No Regrets Series ♦️ Aimee Noalane ➡️
(No Regrets & Living With Regrets)
Vicious ♦️ L.J. Shen ➡️
Hit The Spot ♦️ Author J. Daniels ➡️
Tapping The Billionaire ♦️ Max Monroe ➡️
Strong Hate ♦️ Ashley Christin & RD Berg➡️
Checkmate: This is War ♦️ Kennedy Fox ➡️
Until Harry ♦️ LA Casey ➡️
Paper Princess ♦️ Erin Watt ➡️
Full Tilt Series ♦️ Emma Scott ➡️
(Full Tilt & All In )
It Ends With Us ♦️ Colleen Hoover ➡️

Veronica's Fav Reads.jpg

In no particular order.  Veronica’s fav reads

Perfectly Toxic ✍ C.M. Owens ⚡️
Fearless ✍ B.B. Reid ⚡️
Pucked Over ✍ Helena Hunting ⚡️
Pucked Under ✍ Helena Hunting ⚡️
Get Inked ✍ Helena Hunting ⚡️
Fractures in Ink ✍ Helena Hunting
Booty Camp Dating Service ✍ Debra Anastasia
Lost Beauty ✍ C.M. Owens ⚡️
Stroked Hard ✍ Meghan Quinn ⚡️
Pieces Of Summer ✍ C.M. Owens ⚡️
Stroked Long ✍ Meghan Quinn ⚡️
Anti-step Brother ✍ Tijan ⚡️
Hustler ✍ Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince ⚡️
Felony Ever After ✍ 13 awesome homies.. ⚡️
Logan Kade ✍ Tijan ⚡️
Fire and Brimstone ✍ R.L. Mathewson ⚡️


We look forward to 2017 and can’t wait to see what great reads we find this year. 

We would love to hear from you which ones you loved from this past year. 


Bitches Be Readin

Mel & Veronica


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