Whispers and the Roars


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This book is freaking amazing!!!!


MY RATING – FIVE STARS and then some



It’s a funny funny thing sometimes what gets you to pick up a book.

Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster appeared on my facebook news feed. The title had me one click just the title alone intrigued me. I looked it up to see when I bought this book. However it sat and sat on my TBR list. Dec 10th apparently is when I one clicked. Yes, I looked it up to see when I bought this book

Today I was once again scrolling through facebook and a friend posted asking for some dark recommendations. Another friend commented with this book title. I responded and said oh this is on my kindle I have yet to read it. That friend replied to my comment and virtually yelled at me “Melissa Teo!!! YOU READ THAT BOOK RIGHT NOW!!”  Well shit I’d been told and I instantly went and started the book.

I did not read the blurb, I didn’t look at reviews I went in completely blind only knowing that this book would probably mess with my mind. This book is not your fluffy romance not in the least bit, but it will challenge you in every way possible, It will open your eyes, it will frustrate the shit out of you. Well it did to me anyway.

This is how it felt to me. Remember I went in blind. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl pushes boy away, boy leaves, boy comes back as man to claim girl. Hmm ok but girl is damaged and even damaged is not the right word to describe it. The depths of how was heartbreaking, and in a very weird way fascinating. I didn’t truly grasp it at first as I am plugging along reading this book. Then things started to confuse me, I was missing something I just knew it. There is more to this book then meets the eye and dayum it I am determined to figure it out. So my brain didn’t just read the words, my brain embedded itself into the story and each word became a clue.

At one point I said “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE”. Oh my gawd I am completely missing something. I am in for a shock I know it, I just know. K. Webster has unraveled me with her mind trickery I need to figure out what it is. So I keep reading, At this point I am at 50% and I have my suspicions but no it can’t be. Right??? Is it what I think it is. Yes I am still being extremely vague I know but to go into detail would be to give out spoilers and I don’t want to do that. At around the 60% the light bulb went off and I thought to myself OH MY GAWD WHAT THE SHIT. WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK FUCK OH DAYUMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point I am just entranced in the story. Thinking to myself wow, how did K Webster sit down and write this book, it’s so completely complex. It’s thought provoking and powerful in its message. How do you bring someone back from the depths of the dark. Reading this book was enlightening. I am not even sure if that’s a good word to use. It’s a story that will make you think. My thought once I had read the very last word in this book was WOW. I sat back and continued to say WOW.

It’s different and captivating and thought provoking. Romance I am not even sure I can use that word to describe this book. I don’t know what word I would use to categorise this book. I have to think on it for a bit.

To read this book and fully appreciate it you must go in blind. Don’t look at the blurb, don’t look at reviews just pick it up and read it. Have an open mind and let the words do their magic.




At this point I would insert the blurb here but I really do feel strongly that you should go into this book completely blind. 

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