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Melissa’s Review


My Rating ~ 5 Stars

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Every single time a book in this series releases I fucking devour it. There is a reason this series is my all time favorite. It’s pee your pants hilarious, with swoony male characters, some kick ass female leads and each book gets better and better.

Dale Sterling the mature reasonable one. He is usually I would say the level headed one of the group sitting back and observing all around him, the voice of reason you could say. Well enter Harley, a girl from his past and all reason goes out the door. She’s back for revenge, and when he finds out he thinks to himself let’s turn the tables.

What you get is pure Sterling Shore comedy mixed with romance, a little bit of heart ache. Lines are blurred, intentions are misunderstood and shit goes wrong in the most ridiculously hilarious ways.

I laughed, I smiled, I giggled, I snorted, I cried.

Dale made his way into my heart and while he is usually the quite one of the gang almost in the background I completely fell in love with him. Harley is tough, independent and determined and focused. The story of her past is heart breaking and you will want to be her friend instantly.

Of course the entire gang appears in this book and it wouldn’t be complete without them.

The gang of Sterling Shore will take a hold of you and just stay in your heart. There is just something about them that makes me smile, wishing they were real and I could be part of their world.

If there is one series that I would say you absolutely without a doubt must read. This is it, you don’t need to read book 1 to read this as it is a standalone but I would be remiss if I said that this entire series isn’t a must read.





I’m a mature and very pragmatic person, whom others like to call boring.
At least I was…until Harley came back into town…

What do you do when a girl comes back for some petty revenge against you and seduction is part of her game?
You pretend to be a millionaire dom, of course.
Yeah…it sounded better in theory. My execution keeps ending up in awkward messes, and this game between us gets even messier when I learn more about Harley. She’s easy to fall for, even though she’s hazardous as hell.
What happens when all the games end?


One simple little goal turns into one giant disaster.
On the surface, Dale Sterling seemed like an asshole from my past; the typical arrogant guy who boulders through life and anyone in his way. So a little revenge seemed plausible, considering what he did to me once upon a long time ago. In hindsight, it was immature. But revenge has kept me on top of the world since I stopped being on the bottom of everyone’s shoes, so I make no apologies for my immaturity.
But Dale is weirdly kinky…
Everything is going fine…until it gets real. Now the guy I wanted to humiliate is the same guy I’m begging my heart not to stupidly fall in love with.
Unfortunately, my heart tends to be stubborn.

*Can be read as a stand-alone
*Sexual content
*Adult language

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