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What our Review Team is saying about Selfish

I really enjoyed this hot and steamy storyline. These characters try to keep it uncomplicated and of course feelings happen that complicate everything! I was broken hearted at the end and left speechless by the cliffy…can’t wait for the next one!.~ Angela (4.5 Stars)
I really liked this book and the characters. I love books that have strong personalities and a dual POV. Watching the walls begin to fall between Ashlyn and Ryder was awesome, but that cliffy- Ugh! This book has many hot scenes, but sometimes I felt that the sex scenes over powered the whole plot. Don’t get me wrong, they were great scenes, but I sometimes found myself rushing through some of them to get to the meat of the story. Looking forward to the next installment.~ Dawne (4 Stars)
This book was amazing. I loved watching this couple go from flirty to down right HOT and STEAMY .

You will love this book, get caught up in how these two continue to step outside their comfort zones, push past the spoken and unspoken Rules.

Ryder gets to see past the shield of strength that Ashlyn keeps in place (until him). Ashlyn gets experiences the gentle kindness that Ryder shows only towards his sister (and now her).

Sit back and watch how this couple learn from each other, grow with other and change for each other.

When your heart is on the line, is it Selfish to want it all?

I NEED the next book!!  ~ Amy (Five Stars)

Ryder is 29 and set to eventually take over his father’s business. It’s a Fortune 500 investment company that owns over 50% of Manhattan buildings. He loves his job and rarely has time to play.

However, he’s going away for a weekend with his best friend and to meet his sister, Becca who lives on the opposite coast. She and her best friend, Ashlyn have just graduated college and set to move to Manhattan. Ryder and Becca are close despite the seven year age difference.

When Ryder meets Ashlyn, he’s immediately intrigued by her. She’s not like any other woman he’s been with. She’s feisty and she’s fiercely independent. It’s when she sees Ryder’s softer side that she’s willing to give him a chance.

This is not like other best friend’s siblings romance. I was surprised how a typical story isn’t typical at all, great depth and writing. Wonderful POV from both sides. ~ Letty (Four Stars)

From the very beginning, I was hooked! Ryder and Ashlyn’s relationship had me by the heart! I wasn’t disappointed, at all! There were some twists in there for me but that just added to it all! I love how strong minded Ashlyn is and how determined Ryder is. They both didn’t expect to fall in love but that’s exactly what they did, however, we all know love isn’t that easy! As for Ashlyn’s best friend, Becca and Ryder’s best friend, Jaycent… I want their story and I want it bad, lol! This book definitely had my feelings all over the place but in a good way! That’s the kind of book I love and keeps me coming back!

This book is a must read and you wont be disappointed!! It’s a cliffy but a cliffy in a good way! It will certainly grab your attention and keep you coming back for more!! I can’t wait until part 2!!  ~ Krista (Five Stars)

Wow, that ending!!
This has to be my favourite so far, by Shantel. Absolutely #BookSmacked. Loved the story line, the fact that Ashlyn, was such an independent female and is the way she is (I just love a strong female lead). As for Ryder, hot, loving and oh so loveable. I totally thought she had at the end, but you’ll have to read it, to know what I mean.
Please hurry with book two.  ~ Sarah (Five Stars)
Everyone has just a few authors that we one click without question. You don’t have to read teasers or book descriptions to know that you will love the book. Shantel Tessier is one of those few authors for me. In her book “Selfish” she had me so invested in both Ryder and Ashlyn that I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for “Selfless” to come out. ~ Roxanne (Five Stars)




It was supposed to be a vacation. Five whole days on the beach with my best friend before we made the move from Seattle to New York. I never expected to meet a man who would make me change the way I saw love and sex. I’ve always believed you can have one without the other. So, when I hooked up with a one-night stand while on vacation, I never expected him to be standing in the middle of my hotel room hours later. Proclaiming to be my best friend’s brother.

I’m married to my job. I’m twenty-nine and help run a fortune 500 company. I hadn’t seen my sister in four years, and I wanted to surprise her. What better way than on her vacation? What I ended up getting was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. And for that one night, I was it. I knew that I wanted more. You don’t spend a night with someone like her and let her walk away that easily.

It took me two seconds to decide I wanted him for one night. It took me a day to understand that he was gonna want more.

I’ve always had the means to buy anything I want. Too bad, she is priceless.

I’ve always believed in love. But I’m selfish. I want more … But can he give it to me? Or when this gets hard, does he walk away?

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