This Isn’t You, Baby


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My Rating – 5 Stars


Well Author K Webster continues to torture me slowly with her War and Peace series.

Just finished book 4 and hmmm how shall I sum this one up.

I mean FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK. Everyone and I mean everyone is just FUCKED completely utterly FUCKED but here’s the thing I would be the first one in line to be checked into the Asylum that are these books.

Usually I am all for sticking behind one character and staying in their cheering section. I changed sides in this series more than a guy strokes his dick. That’s a lot people. A fuck of a lot.

I mean SHIT, my emotions and feelings towards the character changed so quickly and so much from chapter to chapter you would think I was in the middle of my “SHARK WEEK”

I loved all the characters scratch that I loved most of them. Ren, Brie, Duvan stole my heart, fuck even that bastard Gabe who I have loathed since the beginning of this.

And man did I fucking HATE !!!!! Heath, Esteban, even Duvan got some of my hatred at the beginning. They deserved nothing less then to be maimed and left for dead. They made me VERY VERY STABBY at times.

And then MOTHERFUCK MY LIFE. Just when I think oh my gawd this is how its meant to be and I’m happy with how it turned out. K Webster says FUCK THAT SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can picture her right now laughing at me. AND my reaction OH FUCK NOOOOOOOOO YOU ……….

I feel like her books should not say HEA instead they should say FUHEA.
F U C K E D U P H A P P I L Y E V E R A F T E R.

On to book 5 I go, and so help me gawd that this one doesn’t kill me.




I was a pawn.
Weak and someone easily manipulated.
To be played with as he saw fit.
Until YOU.

YOU shone light in my now dark world.
It was YOU who made me smile.
For the first time in this game, I had hope.
All because of YOU.

The more powerful pieces on the board, however, were a threat to YOU and me.
They would win at any cost.
Two kings ruling with an iron fist.
Allies or opponents, it was hard to tell.

YOU promised to save me.
Told me we would win.

But then I was on the wrong side of the board.
This isn’t YOU, baby.
And I don’t know what to do.

The game is almost over and I’m counting on YOU.
Tick, tock…

This Isn’t You, Baby is a dark romance. Strong sexual themes, excessive drug use, and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to dark themes, then this story is not for YOU.

This story will make YOU smile.
This story will make YOU angry.
This story will make YOU crazy.

I hope YOU love it, baby.

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