This is Me, Baby


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My Rating – 5 Stars


Yes and the flove for this series continues.

Once again K Webster has written a crazy, twisted fucked up book. I continue to flove the War and Peace books and if you haven’t read these then I strongly say you must.

My heart went into the pit of my stomach at the end of book 4 and I thought to myself I don’t know I don’t know if I can take much more but of course I wanted more. More fucked up craziness, more of the characters that I love to hate and hate to love.

Well I definitely got more of all of that. I swear this is the most fucked up family dynamic ever that sometimes I can’t even keep it all straight but dayum if it didn’t have me intrigued, captivated and devouring every single page. It was suspenseful and just twisted in such a unique way.

If you are looking for a dark romance that will constantly leave you in shock and left with your mouth hanging open then this series will do just that.




The game was over and they stole the victory away from ME.
Cheating. Lies. Corruption. Death.
This pawn never stood a chance.
But then he came for ME.
He plucked ME from my nightmare and kept me safe.

My heart was in tatters and my soul was lost.
Until the beast in ME woke up.
She was hungry and furious and didn’t play by the rules of their game.
We were a vicious team. And we changed the game altogether. I took what was theirs because they took what was mine.
ME against them.

That is…until I had someone else with ME.
Someone who vowed to fight alongside ME until the very end.
I don’t want the love he has for ME.
But the beast in ME still craves to take everything she deserves.
He should run far away from ME.
Instead, he runs straight for ME.

This is ME, baby and I am going to ruin them all.


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