4 Stars (Really Liked It)



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My Rating – 4 Stars


I continue to love the Monroe Family Series from Nicole Dykes.

In previous books we have seen her with an asshole ex boyfriend who just constantly used her and she allowed it to happen. I truly felt that Cassie was misunderstood and at times felt like she wasn’t important. I was wondering how Cassie’s story would turn out and i was soooo happy that she found someone to love her.

Hunter is such a stand up guy in this one it was hard not to flove him. I think he was exactly what Cassie needed in her life. Not just someone to watch out for her and tell her what to do but someone that would stand by her side and Hunter was just that.

It was great to see the back and forth as Hunter tried to fight his feelings for her, especially knowing that it one of his best friends little sister. It also made for an interesting read when eventually Luke finds out.

Another fantastic read from this series. I am sooo looking forward to the next book.




I’m finally free. Free to make my own decisions and prove to my family that I’m not the problem child they think I am.
I’m here to make a change, clean up my act, and be someone all of the Monroes can be proud of. But it’s true what they say, old habits are hard to break.
That is until Hunter Thompson. Football God, super hot and above all, moral. But he sees me as nothing more than his best friend’s little sister.

I’ve almost reached my ultimate goal. After years of hard work and determination, both on and off the field, I’m closer than ever to getting my degree and heading to the big leagues.
That means I don’t have time for distractions. I stick to fitness regime, avoid getting drunk every weekend and don’t sleep around. My friends tease me and call me ‘choirboy’, but they just don’t get it. I’m so close, and that’s when the final hurdle enters my life; my best friend and former teammates younger sister. How on earth am I supposed to concentrate when all I can think about is Cassie Monroe?


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