Love Burns by Mandi Beck


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My Rating – 5 Stars


TOP  10 READS OF 2017 for #JellyKelly
“Stick and move. Stick and motherfucking move.”
So this crazy fucker is still on the loose and is nowhere to be found, and meanwhile Deacon is being a possessive alpha asshole with his head shoved so far up his ass he doesn’t realize what he’s doing. It was so irritating watching Deacon make these decisions  in book 1 and  now they  were coming back to bite him in the ass and knowing he was hiding them from Frankie. I wanted to reach through my Kindle and strangle his ass!
You got it all wrong, Princess. You’re not in competition with anyone. They’re all in competition with you. Won’t matter though. Nobody can even come close, baby.”
When Deacon Finally comes to his senses!  I was like thank fuck he opened his eyes and realized what he had before she gave up and let him walk away!!  
“ Frankie is not only my best friend, the love of my fucking life…she’s the mother of my child. The only one who will ever own that title. The only one I want to. I’m going to wife the fuck out of her. She just doesn’t know it yet.”  
Now that he’s ready to fight the biggest fight of his career the belt is on the line with his family on one side and Frankie on the other she knows his routine as he walks out the tunnel and it catches him by surprise as she mouths the words with him. This showed me that no matter what these two went through their love will forever be solid! It made me melt and brought tears to my eyes. THIS is what a happily ever after should be!!  
“ That’s my cage. I’m a warrior. I dominate because this is who I am. I will win. There is no other option. I am a warrior.”  
I laughed, cried, got angry and then felt so much better at end then when there was peace made and the closure came full circle. Mandi Beck you told such a vivid story with such incredible words! You gave me a hot sexy, alpha badass with a soft, sweet, caring side that was such a dirty talker. This was the first series I have read by you and it definitely won’t be the last!!


It’s my name. It’s what I fight for. It’s Frankie.
I’m a fighter. Trained to always keep my cover. To anticipate, see the next hit coming. I never expected her past to come at us swinging like it has.
I’m about to take on two of the most important fights of my life. My girl and the belt. I know that I can handle it. That I’ll never stop fighting. But, what do you do when your life, your love is threatened and you can’t take the hits – she has to? You shut your eyes and fucking pray like hell that she’s strong enough, fierce enough to come out on top.
I went to war for her. Now it’s her turn.

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