4.5 Stars (LOVED IT)

Unspoken by Jen Frederick


#BookSmackedReview #WoodlandsSeries


I absolutely LOVED this book !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bo , in book 1 I knew, I just knew that I would love Bo.
Even though he made brief appearances in Noah’s book I had a feeling and was I right.

This book starts off with AnnMarie, who has crushed on Bo from afar however after past run ins with other assholes from College who are set to make her life miserable she’s made an art of being unnoticed. She’s now sharing a class with Bo and he’s decided that they should be lab partners for the rest of the semester.

This book had just the right balance for me of comedy, a little bit of angst, and some cute moments between the two main characters. Again after meeting Bo in book 1 I knew right away that he had the protective vibe and I knew that would make for some endearing and SWOONY moments in his book. Bo was quite determined to win over AM but at the same time he wasn’t over the top he was soooo SWEET and made sure to do it at her pace. Now there were times of course that he would try to push her a bit when she needed to be pushed.

At the same time AM was pretty head strong, she didn’t give in to Bo very easily and made him work for it. Their banter back and forth at times had me smiling big time.

When they do finally end up together OH MY HEART. They were just the perfect match to me. Both having pasts that they tried to get away from, but together push one another to face those and end up coming out on the other end stronger because they each were there to support one another. Bo again completely stealing my heart with how he felt towards AM.

This one line from the book had me pause just to re read it a couple times it was soooo good.  I mean seriously. 
“You show a woman you love her by what you do for her, from opening her door to making sure that bumps in the road of life are smoothed out. That she wants and worries for nothing. That when you think about sex, its her face in your fantasies, her body you’re touching, her lips you’re kissing. That every day you remind her that she’s the first thought in your mind when you wake up and the last thought in your mind before you drop off to sleep.”
This is book 2 in this series, and while I enjoyed book 1 I absolutely loved this book. On to the next one for me. Looking forward to the next story.

My Rating – 4.5 Stars




Whore. Slut. Typhoid Mary.

I’ve been called all these at Central College. One drunken night, one act of irresponsible behavior, and my reputation was ruined. Guys labeled me as easy and girls shied away. To cope, I stayed away from Central social life and away from Central men, so why is it that my new biology lab partner is so irresistible to me?

He’s everything I shouldn’t want. A former Marine involved in illegal fighting with a quick trigger temper and an easy smile for all the women. His fists aren’t the danger to me, though, it’s his charm. He’s sliding his way into my heart and I’m afraid that he’s going to be the one to break me.

Impulsive. Unthinking. Hot tempered.

I allow instinct to rule my behavior. If it feels good, do it, has been my motto because if I spend too much time thinking, I’ll begin to remember exactly where I came from. At Central College, I’ve got fighting and I’ve got women and I thought I was satisfied until I met her.

She’s everything I didn’t realize I wanted and the more time I spend with her, the more I want her. But she’s been hurt too much in the past and I don’t want to be the one to break her. I know I should walk away, but I just can’t.


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