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Ramblings of A Bookworm

Blog Spotlight

Ramblings of A Bookworm

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About this Blog

Hi! My name is Jazmyne Davis and I began Ramblings of a Bookworm a little under a year ago. It began, well honestly, rather as an accident. See, I’ve loved books since the day I figured out that all those weird letter symbols created words and those words created stories. I’ve been an avid bookworm since probably kindergarten, or maybe even before.

As an adult with Facebook, I began liking author pages, joining groups, and exploring all the things that were the book world. I quickly learned that authors need help spreading the word about their books and having readers leave reviews for their books. I was stunned. I didn’t realize that all these small things affected the author. I had been reading for 20+ years and never left a review. I thought back to how many books through college I had read and never left a review for! As I began navigating through this new world, I stumbled across other bloggers. This led me into the rabbit hole of the book world, and I am now happily ensconced reading, reviewing, blogging, sharing, pimping, and whatever other terms apply to spreading the word about my favorite stories.

This journey has led to countless connections I never guessed I’d have the opportunity to make. I know communicate directly with AUTHORS. I get to read their stories, discuss them, and then share my love. I have also made boundless connections with other readers & bloggers who share a love of words, like myself. We don’t always agree on the same books, but we all agree that this world of stories is beautiful.

My blog does author takeovers, release blitz, book reviews, cover reveals, sharing/pimping on Facebook, participates in blog hops, and pretty much whatever I can fit into my schedule. I happily support any author that I’m able to. I have a blog group which I would like to expand, in order to do author takeovers there, offer a place to share book links, and to offer exclusive giveaways and prizes.


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