4.5 Stars (LOVED IT)



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My Rating – 5 Stars


Poppy’s anthem was a great engaging and “Wild” ride to say the least.

Poppy and Wild’s first encounter is in elevator which gets stuck. He’s a rock star and she’s a bookworm with no clue as to who he is. They have a moment in an elevator that will stay with them for years to come.

Fast forward several years later, Poppy is now an author and he is still that famous Rock Star but his life is spiralling out of a control. They’ve always held onto the memory of one another and when they figure out they’ve found each other again they have one night of love, lust and passion and end up married.

My heart literally said OH MY FUCK several times over while reading this book. You will get caught up and so invested in them both. At times I wanted to kill Wild or at the very least slap the shit out of him. I mean COME ON, he will drive you mad a bit with how things unfold wanting him to get his head out of his ass. As I continued to read and figure out why Wild was on such a destructive path my heart literally also ached for him.

Poppy she was sooo strong and really was just what he needed. She supported when she had to but also showed tough love when it was necessary. Things will eventually also take a turn with these two and have you saying OH MA GAWD !!!!

This book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as well as suspense that you might not see coming.

A solid 4.5 that I would definitely consider rereading again.




“I’m not an addict!” Rock legend, Wild’s life is falling apart. The problem with fame and fortune is that you can’t trust anyone. Everyone wants a piece of him. They’re all stalkers! He fantasizes about finding his Elevator Girl—that kiss! He’d love to run into her again, but he didn’t even get her name . . . life is full of regrets.
Living a life so immersed in the world of reading and writing romance can be dangerous for a young woman, like the night Poppy Talbot allowed herself to believe in the happy endings all those romance novels promise. Her First Kiss, the guy she’s been dreaming about for seven years, amazingly stumbles into her life again, proving that fantasies can come true . . . but fantasies don’t break your heart.

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