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Check out our ICYMI – Click here to see a recap of this week’s releases

Justus by BookSmacked Author S.M. Shade released this week. We fell in love with Justus hard, he was sweet, sexy and made our heart absolutely SWOON !!!!!!!!  Justus is Book 3 from the In Safe Hands series. This book is also available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers so peeps go one click that goodness right meow.  Purchase Here | Our Review

Coho aka Colleen Hoover unveiled the trailer for her best selling novel Confess you want to check this out. I definitely want to watch this.

Shantel Tessier who we absolutely adore and love to stalk unveiled her cover for my Myself (Book 2 in the Selfish series) OMG we love it we can’t freaking wait for this.


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And OMFG did you see the cover for The Player by Kristy Bromberg. I need this book in my life.



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On Monday we will start an exciting new segment on our facebook page called Monday Mood Booster.  Authors need love and what better way to show them that and encourage them than with this! Let an author know how much you like their books. Send them a shout out of encouragement or a positive note to let them know you appreciate their blood sweat and tears!  Readers can submit their message to an author and we will create a graphic on their behalf and post to our facebook page.  If you would like us to post a message on our page to an Author that you love just fill out this form.

Mel read some absolutely fantastic books this week. OMFG they were insane

Here are Melissa’s five star reads of the week.

The Silver Swan by Amo Jones  Purchase Here   |  Our Review

Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster Purchase Here |  Our Review

Quarterback Sack by S.E. Hall & Hilary Storm  (Releasing March 14th)  | Our Review

Tijan will be taking over our facebook book club. B.A.N.G.  B.A.N.G. is full of a group of crazy ladies who love to chat about life and books.  If you aren’t a member then well you should fix that asap.

In other news Kelly’s is not getting anything done because Melissa keeps blowing up her messenger telling her how good these fucking books are and she’s breaking the bank over here!!  Kelly has some reviews that will be posted this week to the blog. You want to tune in to see what she has to say about books she’s read. 

Veronica is licking her ARC of Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn and currently stalking one of her fav Authors BB Reid.  She also has an ARC of The Hitchhiker by new Author duo Charlie Lee, which I am sure she will tell us all about.



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