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What our Review Team is saying about Justus. 

Wow another best seller from S M Shade. I’m in love with a stripper…, Butterflies!

Justus is a must read. Smexy !!! Floved It !

Wow another best seller from S M Shade with her book from the in safe hands series. What can I say about this book apart from I am now in love with Justus. In this book we are introduced a little bit more to Justus who works as a stripper or exoric dance. Having been put into care with his sister when he was 9 he went from home to home looking for something forever. After saving money and leaving care at 18 he drove off to find his sister who was 17 only to be told she had ran off from the last home and they didn’t know where she was. I felt the emotional turmoil Justus had whilst trying to find his sister. Sadie is Ayda’s best friend and because of a mishap Justus now calls her sadist. After agreeing to be her fake boyfriend for her sick mother Sadie and Justus take a ride to see her mom who is really ill. They get on really well until they get home and Justus goes AWOL for a couple of weeks for something for in safe hands. The chemistry between the two was undeniable after skirting around each other for a year, their bed time was hot. S M Shade has written another great read that shows her ability to really get into her characters head and transfer that onto paper. A one click is a must for this fantastic book. ~Rachael (Five Stars)

I really enjoyed this book. Justus was the perfect mix between joker boy and serious. It was easy to fall for his wit and charm.
Sadie needs someone to pretend to be her boyfriend for a week while she visits her dying mother. In comes Justus. This book made me laugh loudly at numerous points and had me biting my nails with worry at other parts. I didn’t realise this was the third book in the series, so I’m off back to read the other ones.
Another great read from S.M. Shade. ~Liza (Four Stars)

I’m in love with a stripper…,

I’m in love with a stripper!! Isn’t that a song? Well it’s how I feel. I was determined that if Sadie doesn’t take him I will!! As the saying goes this book gave me all the feels. I was laughing and crying. I yelled at the book NOOOOO! I was angry. I was in lust and love and then lust again. I felt every emotion.
Sadie just wanted to make a better life for herself and make her mom proud since her Mom was struggling with her health. She worked hard but she had a circle of friends that were her extended family that she relied on. In this circle was Justus aka stripper boi. Oh he worked hard too, hard at being a pain in Sadie’s caboodle. He wanted her and she denied she wanted him. It was a game of cat and mouse until he became her solution to a problem.
I won’t give anything away. The interactions between those two is phenomenal. Like I said, I felt it all. They go through hard times together. They have a lot of good ones, really good ones.
You have to read it. Floved it to the moon!! Once I sat down to read it I didn’t get up until I was done. I want more by this author!! ~Angela L (Five Stars)


Ahhh…This book gave me butterflies and had me giggling. It gave me that squishy, squirmy, mushy, gushy feeling in my belly and had me smiling ear to ear over this couple. It also has me worrying, upset, and angry,shaking my head at times…I loved everything about this storyline, all the things…this book deliveried and I’ve fallen hard for Justus! ~ Angela J (5 Stars)

Justus’s childhood was very traumatic and he moves from foster home to foster home. Just as he and his sister, Hannah find a forever home, they’re forced to leave and are separated. His quest to find her finds him and his friends becoming internet heroes.

Sadie grew up with a mom that has a heart condition that only a heart transplant can fix. She’s never known her dad. She and her mother have a wonderful relationship and even though she finds her brother lazy she’s now glad he’s around with her mom since she lives far away from them.

The secondary story for his business and his friends make me want to go back and read the whole series. In addition to finding out more about them, apparently, I’ve been missing out on just how fun Justus can be. However, you don’t need to read those books to get the full story on Justus and Sadie and just how incredible this book is! ~Letty (Five Stars)

Justus is a must read

This book was amazing… funny and kept me on my toes… another great addition to the In safe Hands series. Thanks S.M. Shade for another wonderful book. ~ Katy (Five Stars) 

Smexy !! This story really pulled me by the heart strings and crept into my soul! I loved everything about it, the good, the bad and the ugly. All the raw emotions, all the heartache, the punch in the gut, all of it made you feel so connected with each character that you lived the story with them. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this series and applaud the author. I’m thankful for the comedy woven into the story that made me smile, giggle and often just burst out laughing, not to mention the action and angst that kept my eyes glued to the pages and sexiness that kept me excited….. Fantastic read! #wreckinballridingunicorn ~ Chantel (Five Stars)

Justus and Sadie.

Sadies mother is very poorly, all she wants is to see her baby in safe hands and loves when she passes. She told her mum she had a serious boyfriend for 9 months when she hadnt….

Sadie thinks of hiring an escort when she goes to her mums, but the price wasnt worth it. Along comes stripper Justus. Hes a friend of Sadies friend whose been wanting in her pants for a while. Little did she know they will fall forceach other and their fake relationship becomes real. They face many trying times but they pull through and become a powerhouse couple. It was funny, touching, emotional. Basically everything you want out of a book. Flove it! ~ Katy (Five Stars)

Sigh… Justus…. Another long sigh. This story just amazed me with how a kid can grow up into a man like Justus after the crappy childhood he had is beyond me. I just fell in love with Justus and Sadie. Wholly crap they were hilarious! But then i went from drying my eyes of the tears from the hysterics to fanning myself off. The chemistry was off the charts! I mean seriously the UST was REAL.

‘” If you want to see the Cock-A-Saurous again, all you have to do is ask.”
“No thanks,” I yawn, turning over “Keep that Tic Tac to yourself.”
“Freshen your breath right up.” My body shakes with laughter as he drapes his arm over me.’

Cock-A-Saurous… bwahahaha Their banter was awesome. But its not just a laugh out loud book, it has real feeling and and the story just hits you right in the heart. The feels were real right from the beginning from sad to deep and meaningful to passionate and the smiles… HUGE
I’ve been a huge fan of S. M. Shade since i read the All That Remains series, and the fandom remains high with this one. GAHH I can’t wait to see whats next from this one!!
Would i recommend this book: Hell YES read this book guys you will FLOVE it! ~ Jenn (Five Stars)




I’m not conceited.
Really, I’m not. It just so happens I have a body a Greek God would be jealous of, and a face that could make an angel weep. Other than that, I’m just your everyday normal guy who happens to take his clothes off for money. Sure, I’ve had to dispose of a few guys for In Safe Hands, the organization I work with that helps track predators and child molesters, but other than that, completely normal.
Women flock to me, screaming and paying for the right to touch me, so why is this woman so stubborn? Sadie Belmont’s curvy body and sharp tongue have haunted me since I met her a year ago. There’s something about her that gets stuck in my head like a bad song, and I’m determined to find out why I want her so badly, and why she can’t stomach the thought.


I can’t believe I’m doing this. Of all the men in the world, I’m taking Justus Alexander to my childhood home in Oklahoma to meet my mother. A stripper who has a revolving door of women jumping in and out of his bed. Nine months ago, when I lied to my mother and told her I had a steady boyfriend, I didn’t expect it to come to this. She doesn’t have long to live, and her only wish is to know I have a husband before she goes.
I can’t disappoint her, and male escorts cost way more than I can afford so when Justus volunteered, I took him up on his offer. I know what he wants. After annoying me with constant pick up lines for a year, he sees an opportunity to get me in bed. It’s not going to happen. I just need to get through this week with my sanity intact.

This is book three of the In Safe Hands Series. It can also be read as a standalone.

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