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What our Review Team is saying about Coming Home

I just can’t even, I mean totally blown away., WOW !! Did she seriously just do that to me?? I’m in shock! I can’t believe it!! Emotional rollercoaster

Wow, such an emotional piece. With a little light and then a whole lot more dark. One major question unanswered though, as to why she left to begin with. Total surprise, this one.~Sarah (Five Stars)

This book was not at all what I was expecting but that isn’t a bad thing. The story line was intense and went in a totally different direction than I would have guessed. It kept my attention as I wanted answers to questions that developed throughout.

I wish we had gotten a little more back story for both the main characters. I would have liked to have seen more or their connection than just in the present day.

There are aspects of the story that I’m feeling strongly about but I don’t want to give anything away. I’m holding out hope that book 2 will give me the conclusion I need and that some of what I’m missing will be answered in that book. ~Rachel (Four Stars)

Wow!  Did she seriously just do that to me??
I’m in shock! I can’t believe it!!
Gripping, emotional storyline with characters that you felt 100%
Can’t wait to see what’s next from this author! ~Samantha (Five Stars)

I went into this book blind, It was my first book by the author and I enjoyed the read. It was an interesting concept for a storyline that kept me wanting to find out what happened and the twists and turns definitely had me turning pages, however, I did guess some of them before I got to them. I do still have some unanswered questions about why she left, I would have liked to see more back story with the main characters though as I am still unsure as to why they didn’t try make a go of a relationship before now. I want to read book two so I can see where this goes. ~Liza (3.5 Stars)

Very touching and an emotion rollcoaster kind of book.

Zoe and Spencer had been best friends since they were little. Getting married in a sandbox at the age of 4. They were inseperable. Zoe and Spencer were each others 1st. We never knew why Zoe left, which i think would of helped the story line. Zoe suffers at the hands of a monster and Spencer is there for her in every way she needs. They become close once again and then tradegy strikes.

This book leaves you hanging on and it doesnt end in your typical happily ever after which to me is good. But you still want to know what happens after. If you like emotional books, this is for you.  ~Katy (Four Stars)



Running away was Zoe Sinclair’s answer to her problems…

Zoe has missed too much since she fled home ten years ago. Now it is finally time to go back. And with her friend’s birthday party days away, it is the perfect opportunity. On her way into town, her car breaks down, and then she’s attacked and left for dead among the dirt and dust on the roadside.

Spencer McLaren never left home, but his heart did. In the same moment Zoe fled…

Spencer had always been in Zoe’s life. Every time she’d needed him, he’d been there, arms open wide. When he spots a broken and battered Zoe stumbling along the side of the road, he can’t help but swoop in and rescue her. He rushes her to the hospital, but when she’s released, he can’t seem to let her go. Not again.

Physically, Zoe feels fine. Emotionally, her head and her heart are a disaster…

Spencer takes Zoe into his home and assigns himself the task of guardian and nurse. But her return puts strain on Spencer’s relationship with his brother, who isn’t happy to see Spencer falling for the girl who broke his heart again. Zoe knows she should leave, but her attacker is still out there, and being with Spencer is the only place she feels safe. She wants to make up for the pain she caused him in the past, but the attack has left her so broken and scared.

Despite Zoe’s hesitations and constant battle to keep her emotions in check, Spencer is determined to keep her safe and make her never regret finally…

Coming Home.

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