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What our Review Team is saying about Running Away

A beautiful story of love lost, of tragedy found, of strength discovered. Flove it!! Running away to read again. Derek, be still my heart,

A beautiful story of love lost, of tragedy found, of strength discovered.
Zoe lost the love of her life and lost herself in the process. Derek lost his best friend and his life was put on hold to be there for Zoe. Would life ever stop being so cruel?
Mia has had her share of tragedy. More than anyone really knows. Could she be Zoe and Derek’s answer?
Could she be the one thing Derek has been looking for his whole life?
Josie is Mia’s sister from another. What will become of their relationship?
Really this story has everything. I felt everything. I am new to this author and am definitely a fan..~Angela (Five Stars)

Flove It

Mia and Derek

Derek has been Zoes rock since they lost Spencer, but in that time he failed to also think of himself. He dedicated him self to seeing Zoe better. Thats until he met Mia the owner of tge Gym he enrolled Zoe at. Little does he know that Zoe and Mia are two peas in a pod. They become fast friends which makes it easier on Derek not to let her go.

Its a beautiful book full of emotion. It truely was a lovely book, it highlights events that happen to so many women out there and just shows you there is always good out there too. Love it ~Katy (Five Stars)

Running away to read again

This book is amazing… The characters come to life while reading and you truly fall in love with them all and really feel their emotions. Cannot wait for the next one! ~Kayla  (Five Stars)

Derek, be still my heart,

You know that song in The Sound of Music? How do solve a problem like Maria? Well, for me, it’s How do you write a review for a book you love so much? How do say all the things you want to say without giving away the whole story? Well, it’s hard. The best I can say is this is one of my favorite books I read this year!

It’s a story of friendship, a bond so deep they’ll do anything to protect each other. It’s the story of love of two very broken people who have found each other when all odds were against them.

Sure, I can write a review that sums up the book but it wouldn’t do it justice. You just have to read it for yourself.~Colette (Five Stars)




Derek Cartwright has become a shadow of the man he once was…

After burying his best friend Spencer and putting his murderer, Spencer’s own twin brother, behind bars, Derek is desperate to leave his old life behind. But now he has the responsibility of taking care of Spencer’s girlfriend, Zoe Sinclair, who becomes both destructive and dangerous to herself as she struggles to cope with the grief of losing the love of her life.

In a bid to start over, Derek packs Zoe up and takes her back to Melbourne…

Hoping it might be a step in the right direction to deal with her depression and restore her confidence, Derek signs Zoe up for self-defense classes at the local gym. What the ex-cop doesn’t count on is meeting the vibrant gym owner, Mia Perry, and embarking on a journey toward his own healing. The lively firecracker is exactly the breath of fresh air Derek needs, and Mia becomes an integral part of his life.

Painful memories sometimes hide behind the most beautiful smiles…

The always smiling Mia has her own troubled past and knows firsthand what it feels like to have everything taken away in the blink of an eye. Yet her determination to help Derek rebuild his life turns into something more as he stirs a burning desire to be more than just friends.

When Derek finally realizes he has the strength to live free from the shackles of the past, he decides to return home and reclaim his life…but where does that leave Mia?

Mia must decide if she’s strong enough to leave her own past behind before she ends up running away from a brighter future…and love.

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