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What our Review Team is saying about Unsocial

I loved this story. Sweet! Heartwarming! Sinful Delight! Forbidden love

I loved this story. The length of the book alone is worth it. The author really delves into each character and the story. Things would often turn out totally unexpected and take you by surprise. Even though there is a lot of sexiness, there is also a lot of deeply emotional moments. It is unfortunate about the lack of proofreading and editing that was done as it often made reading uncomfortable. The story and creativity on the author’s part was fantastic though. ~Chantal (Four Stars)

Sweet! Heartwarming! Sinful Delight!

Sweet! Heartwarming! Sinful Delight! This story was real, it could be the story of anyone, how lives can change in an instant, and how we adapt and the struggle we have along the way…and finding love unexpectedly! I really enjoyed this book. ~Angela J (Four Stars)

Forbidden love

Dylan is a 26year old living the bachelor lifestyle. He owns his own successful body shop business with his best friend. He was living the dream. Until one day he recieved a call from the police. His father and step mother had died in a collision. He needed to go and collect his 4 siblings who were under social care. His life had to change dramatically. He was an unruly teenager and the judge on his case for guardianship knew him well from this. He got tempory guardianship for a year. He had weekly visits from Brooke who had just become a social worker. Dylan wasnt happy in the slightest. He seen this as an intrusion. Someone who was going to make his life hell. But he didnt expect Brooke. This was Brookes first official case and boy did she go above and beyond. She became their families guardian angel. She was there for them all through thick and thin. But what happens when lines and blurred and a proffessional relationship in no longer professional?? Well you need to read it to find out of course…..

I loved it. So much on the line for them both. But love conquers all. Dylan would never see himself in love, never mind with his social worker. It was a beautiful story and very touching. Very well written highlighting problems many families face. I really have a spot spot for the Monroe family! Get reading!! ~Katy  (Five Stars)

Love them and leave them Dylan has to step up to the plate after his father and stepmother die in a car accident. He wants custody of his step brothers and sisters. Assigned to their case is straight laced, up tight and just out of school social worker Brooke. The sparks fly between Dylan and Brooke while she is helping the whole family adjust. It is a good story and you really get involved in the families life and their struggles. I can’t wait to read the next book. ~ Nancy  (4 Stars)




I’m living the dream. A successful business owner of a custom car and motorcycle shop in Oklahoma and master of my own destiny. Other than my best friend and business partner my life is my own, and I answer to no one. Then my life changes with a single phone call and I’m back in Kansas fighting for guardianship of my four younger siblings. Now I answer to her, Brooke Porter.

I’ve devoted myself for the past six years to my dream of being a social worker. My very first case are the Monroes, and professional and personal boundaries blur as I become closer to them. Now my dreams are of Dylan. The attraction Dylan and I have is heading us straight to unsocial behavior.

What will we be risking if we give in?

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