A Review ~ The Hitchhiker


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My Rating 5 Stars


I’ll be honest with you I am not usually the type to go out of their comfort zone.. Or try new things.. .. But this time I could not be happier that I took a leap of faith and tried out this new duo. This book. It had all the feel as they say.. This book encompassed everything I want.. Usually I am a love story whore. As long as there is a couple, sex, conflict and a HEA. I’m usually good. Add some humor and you’ve got me. But this book. The book made me want more out of all my future books. This book not only met my requirements but it blew them out of the water. It had a couple, it had sex, it had conflict, but it also had a story line that was freaking intense, back stories that made you weep but want to put your fist through someone’s face at the same time and supporting characters you couldn’t help but get wet for. Yes you will love the sexy times, Katch is one adventurous mother fucker and his girl does not disappoint with her mouth or her body. But trust me you are going to want to know what’s happening in the bedrooms you don’t get a peak in.. I know I wanna know. I want to tell you everything about this book. But I don’t at the same time. I was told it was awesome and Katch was going to be hot as sin on a Sunday but I had no idea I would enjoy this book the way I did. Not only did it have suspense and action, humor and sexy times, it made me cry. A book that can get all that in there and not make it feel, rushed or drawn out, definitely something you need to read a second time. Now I don’t want to be like oh this was awesome and that was amazing and this plot twist and that turn around and blah blah blah, because I don’t want to ruin any thing for you. But I do want to tell you this family is one I want more from. These authors came together and wrote a seamless story that I need to continue. I loved it and though Katch was a badass and I’d love the have for a weekend locked away in his garage with him, once again I found myself intrigued by one of the secondary characters .. Well what the fuck does that mean you ask.. It means I want another fucking book.. One that focuses on my man, Brick. So over all fuck yes I recommend this book. Total 5 star for me.




“You can run, but can you hide?”

Life was perfect.
I was on top of the world winning one case after the other leaving no survivors in the wake of my devastation. They may see a pair of long legs in Louboutin heels, but remember my name when I’m finished with them.

Caitlin Winslow, the best, cut-throat defense lawyer in California.
I never play to lose.
It’s not in my DNA.
The actions of ethics don’t exist in my domain.

Satan, my father, who shaped my life turns up dead. Kill shot to the back of the head in his sleep. The people who murdered him aren’t stopping with his death. They’re after me.

I ran in the dark of night. Karma that evil bitch meets me step by step and forced me to stick out my thumb on the side of the lonely highway. I’m now the HITCHHIKER begging for redemption.

Oh, how life has a funny way of smacking you in the face.

Katch Sterling storms into my life, and now I’m in his car.
My complete opposite.
Who would’ve thought my world would come full circle on that lonely highway with a hired killer…


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