Quarterback Sack ~ A Review


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My Rating 5 OMFG Stars


OMFG This book was just Amazing. Steamy as all hell, I completely devoured this book and while I should have probably gone to bed I had to stay up way past my bedtime to read this.

S.E. Hall and Hilary Storm gave me a lady boner with Rush Riggins. He oozed confidence and was relentless with Ava. At certain point I thought to myself HOLY SHIT dude you need to be slapped but as I continued to read it I found myself falling for Rush and his Alpha attitude, his brash cockiness and his vulgar yet seductive mouth. This book had me completely giddy and honestly talking out loud to myself. Every word that came out of Rush’s mouth had me saying OH MY FUCK.


“Oh, it’s going to be a fucking pleasure torturing you ever time we’re along. Go ahead, rub your legs together as you lie in bed tonight and think about how I felt between them”

giphy (1).gif

“You’ll smell me on your skin, remembering the way I mad you feel when I ate that sweet pussy of yours until you were screaming. So yeah, I’ll be with you tonight, one way or another.”

The scenes between both Ava and Rush will leave you rubbing your own legs together they were HAWT !!!!! There was no shortage of chemistry between the two of them.

Ava was soo very loyal and really has a rough go of it and I wanted to be her friend immediately. I could understand her hesitance to be with Rush but at the same time also knew that it was almost impossible not to fall for him.

There are some other characters in this book that I also loved that added some laughter to this steamy romance. Ava’s friend Marcy, Rush’s little brother Jett and Rush’s best friend Ty added to their story and I definitely hope we get some books about them.

This book is an instant fav read for me. Rush Riggins is going on my list of Book Boyfriends.
I absolutely 100% recommend this book if you are looking for a steamy read with a hot Alpha male and some elements of comedy and sweet and swoony romance.




From USA Today Bestselling Authors S.E. Hall and Hilary Storm comes the cockiest quarterback in Tennessee in this steamy standalone sports romance.

Rush Riggins has it all. His sexy arrogance, perfectly honed body and irresistible charisma is everything you’d expect in a single, NFL quarterback. What woman wouldn’t love to be pursued by him?

Ava Vanderbilt, that’s who.

She’s made it very clear that his relentless flirtation won’t change her mind. It’s her only rule. She can’t date a football player.

But Rush didn’t get where he is in life by giving up… he’s a very persistent man… and the end-zone isn’t the only line he plans to cross.


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