4 Stars (Really Liked It)

Flirting With The Law ~ A Review



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My Rating – 4 Stars


Samantha literally got the short end of the stick with Tim, but when these two hot cops pulled her over it changed her life!  It made her feel better so she did what I would have done and followed that SOB fiance of mine to see where he went to confront his ass.
But again before she could make her move Officers Dustin and Blake pull up next to her car and this time she doesn’t get a warning, she gets cuffed and fucked!  This sex scene was hot as fucking shit and made my lady parts tingle!!
This is a great MFM short story with a HEA and the ex gets exactly what he deserves.
Please keep in mind that the blurb does say it’s an over the top and cheesy story. So If you’re looking for one of those then this a quick hot read with some double dipping and 2 extra stories for you when you come down from this one!!



She’s been tempting us for longer than she knows. Now it’s time to find out what happens when you cross the law.

Getting pulled over is the last thing I need after I find out my scumbag of a fiancé is cheating on me.

But that’s before I see the cops who step out of that squad car.

They’re dangerously gorgeous – rough looking and tattooed, not to mention dominant and demanding. Even more, the way they look at me stirs something dark inside of me that’s just dying to get out.

And I know I should be scared, or furious at their rough, hands-on treatment when they make me bend over the hood of the car and submit. I know I definitely shouldn’t be turned on when they cuff my hands behind my back and put their filthy hands on me.

And I definitely shouldn’t want them to keep going. I definitely shouldn’t want more…


We’ve had our eyes on her for longer than she knows. It was our job to watch her – seeing her at her most vulnerable, at her most intimate.

And now we’re obsessed.

Now we’re consumed with the primal need to have her and make her ours.

She might not be the criminal we’re after, but she’s wrapped up in this now, and there’ll be no denying us the sweet, innocent prize we’ve been dying to put our dirty hands on.

Come hell or high water, Samantha Caraway will submit to us.

Both of us.

And not even the law we uphold will stand in our way.


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