Co-Wrecker ~ A Double Review


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Mel’s Review


Hot nerd alert !!!!

Co-Wrecker was a quirky, super cute romance with just a little bit of Angst thrown in.

Andrew – OMG he was sooooo cute, his quirkiness had me laughing so hard but at the same time I pictured this Hot ass guy with glasses and the devilish smirks that would disarm you with just one glance. I fell in love with him completely. The things that came out of his mouth, I didn’t know whether to cringe at his awkwardness at times or laugh, I think that I did both. He also had a little bit of that sexy confidence at times saying things that would make panties melt. A triple threat you could say, Sweet, sexy and Smart.

Sadie was a tough shell to crack and at times I wanted to yell at her and say come on you have this hot gorgeous sexy funny man get your shit together woman. Andrew slowly starts to chip away at the ice that she has built around her and the chemistry between the two in the bedroom is hot.

For the first time for me with a book my heart broke for the guy. Literally broke for Andrew it’s normally the female character that has me wanting to jump into the book and wrap my arms around them and soothe them but this time it was the male character that I wanted to do that with. Don’t get me wrong Sadie has had a rough go and her back story will make your heart clench for her but Andrew just made me want to jump into the book and be his protector and go all “Bitch don’t hurt my friend”

This book has so many comedic moments that will have you laughing your ass of. Meghan is for me the Queen of those one liners that will have you in stitches. #IceCreamShenanigans #FootInMouthMoments where you will think to yourself HE did not just say that. The secondary characters in this book were equally as funny. Whether it was Sadie’s friends, Andrew’s roommates or Andrew’s brother. There was no shortage of moments in this where you will not be laughing to the point where you might be in danger of peeing yourself.

A great quirky romance with some steamy moments, a bit of Angst that will have you smiling, giggling and sighing.

My Rating 


Veronica’s Review


This book was awesome. I loved the story line, the meet cute and how well the characters mesh together, the connection they share… I don’t even know what to say. They are not what you expect, the quirks the character had, they keep you in stitches. Andrew was a hot nerd.. There really is hot nerds and I am pretty sure Andrew gets to be the leader of the pack. And can we talk about the secondary characters a little.. They were awesome.. Never over shining the leads but right there with them. I think I may love Sebastian. . And Samantha.. She could totally be my best friend. We would never stop laughing. I definitely wish there were more of these characters. I loved the paced of this book, the detail put in. There was this adorable love that both Sadie and Andrew shared that you could tell meant something to the author. You could feel it while reading, the story meant something to the author… This really added to the story. You felt what the characters went through and the feelings they experienced. I know this isn’t one of those reviews that tells you everything there is to know about plot, characters and everything under the sun, but you know I love this book. The author, the writing style, the storyline, the characters.. I loved it all. Definitely a reread for me for sure.




What do ice cream and Sadie Montgomery have in common? They’re both ice cold, but one taste is never enough.

I wanted to be friends — I would have even settled for her seeing me as anything but a nerd — but there was no getting through. So just like any hard-headed, red-blooded man out there, I made up my mind.

I’d make my coworker fall for me.

I’d like to say it was simple, but like every other epic love story, all it took was one drunken night and a lot of naked courage to get the girl. For a moment, at least.

Love with a coworker is never simple, especially since Sadie’s trying to keep us on the low. Not to mention her persistent ex-boyfriend who won’t leave her alone. But I’ve never been good at giving up, and I don’t plan to start now.

The whole thing is a recipe for a rocky road, but I plan to eat the whole gallon, no matter how bad the brain freeze.


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