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Lost In Silence ~ A Review



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What our Review Team is saying about Lost In Silence. 

Beautifully written. You won’t be disappointed!! This story hooked me from the beginning and didn’t let me go. WOW! This story had me in silence.

Great Reading !!! I am so impressed I have never read Tracie Douglas before. This story hooked me from the beginning and didn’t let me go. It is a little dark but a complete emotional roller coaster. At one point I was sobbing then in the next chapter all was good again. Hudson and Alice found each at just the right point in their lives. They needed each other more than they could know. I love Tracie Douglas and I can’t wait to read more.  ~Nancy (Five Stars) 


This book turned out to be something totally different than what I though it was going to be. It really surprised me and that’s a good thing. It had me angry, sad, happy, sad again and back to and ending happily! Hudson and the boys are definitely a pack I’d love to have around, Missy is amazing and Alice had my heart from the very beginning. She’s an amazing woman and definitely deserves the amazing man she’s grown to love. It’s certainly a book I’d recommend to all book lovers! You won’t be disappointed!! ~ Krista (Five Stars) 


Beautifully written A beautiful, touching, emotional and disturbing story rolled into one.

This book really pulled on my heartstrings, not the usual type of book i would read but it got me. A struggle a lot of women/men face at the hands of an abuser. It was written in a beautiful way and to tell you never to give up hope. Your happy ending will eventually find you.

Are you ready for an emotional rollercoaster, then 1 click this one ~ Katy (Four Stars) 


I saw the description of this book and I really enjoyed the fact that it was going to be on the darker side. The heroine escapes from who she was kidnapped by and from there she eventually meets the hero and I was super excited to see where it would go.

Alice was very headstrong character. No matter what she went through she still far and try to escape from the prison and move forward with her life. I found her determination very inspiring.

Hudson was great. I was so glad that he took it upon himself to help Alice even though in the end it wasn’t the safest choice for him to make. He was just totally swoon worthy.

This is a very intriguing and mysterious read. I was drawn in to by what Alice had to go through and I was totally sold because of how amazing Hudson much.

I really like the secondary characters and I can’t wait to see him if and when they get their own stories. I am totally wanting Bear to have a story soon!!

Overall, the author did an amazing job of keeping me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. I look forward to seeing what else this author can write. Her writing skills were amazing with the dual point of view and her descriptions were detailed enough but not overly detailed. ~ Jessica (Four Stars)

I highly recommend this read WOW! This story had me in silence. Well done to the author for expressing herself in such a way that I felt totally connected to the characters. The story felt ‘real’ and you can’t help but be drawn into the chaos. I highly recommend this read, as much as it touches on the dark realities of the sick monsters out there, it also focuses on all the good, the silver lining. ~ Chantel (Four Stars) 
Captivating.. I went into the book blind. Tracie Douglas is a new author to me and hot damn I am hooked. I didn’t know what to expect from Lost in Silence but I am so glad I found this book. The story captivated me. I was intrigued with the prologue and was very curious as to how the story was going to play out. Chapter after Chapter got better and better and drew me in further. I couldn’t put the book down.

Hudson is to die for. I think after each book I read I claim the leading man as mine. Well Hudson, I’m giving you notice now that I am claiming you. His need to protect and help even when facing his own demons never failed to amaze me. Total swoon worthy.

Alice, a lost soul who has been through the unthinkable. A woman who doesn’t realize her own strength. A woman who took a chance on a man that she didn’t know. Alice ended up being my hero and I fell in love with her time after time. With Hudson’s support she was able to see the person she used to be and overcome so much.

Hudson and Alice go on a journey through trust, fear, love, friendship and more. The end result is perfection. This story takes you through ups and downs and in betweens and you learn what strength and weaknesses both Hudson and Alice have and how they overcome them.

I truly loved reading Lost In Silence and can’t wait to read what’s next by Tracie Douglas. ~ Emilie (Five Stars)






Lost from her family, friends and the life she once lived. Alice Michaelson is held captive in the dark silence that had become a nightmare. Until one night when the door to her prison is left unlocked and she flees.


Living job to job, haunted by his own set of demons, Hudson Rivers finds himself disarmed by a single glance and he vows to protect the shell of a woman hiding in his closet. But protecting her means keeping her close and that threatens the emotionless life he’s been careful to create for himself.

They both fight their growing connection…

Will they find themselves lost into a world of silence, afraid to let one another in?

Or will they submit to the power of fate and all that it throws at them?

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