Myself ~ A Review


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Myself Review


Myself is book 2 in the Selfish Series. You should read book 1 Selfish before reading this one so you get a better understanding of the characters. JAYCENT! Holy cow he’s so sweet and loving and I’d totally melt for him. Becca she is the most caring, understanding and selfless person ever! If anyone deserves a second chance at trying to make it at a relationship then it’s definitely these two!  The chemistry between these two is so freaking hot it’s crazy and little bit of angst. I was excited to get to see Ryder and Ashlynn too! I hate Conner that asswipe and don’t get me started on their mom. I am chomping at the bit for book 3 Selfless! I can’t wait to see how she brings all 4 characters together in that book so I can finish watching the drama play out. Thank you for once again giving me another amazing book!!


Myself was a delicious quick read that I absolutely enjoyed.

This is book 2 in the Selfish series. You should definitely read Selfish first before reading this one as it will help you get to know the characters in this book.

This book was a sinfully sweet second chance romance mixed with some moments that may have you screaming, cursing, swooning and melting. Jaycent, Becca, Ryder and Ashlyn are all back again and this time around we get to find out Jaycent and Becca’s story while also seeing a little more of Ryder and Ashlyn.

Jaycent – Swooon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK I loved him in this. Protective, devoted, loyal and just YUM.
Becca – She is literally the nicest person and man I wanted to punch a few people on her behalf.
Of course we get to see Ryder and Ashlyn again in this as well as get a little glimpse into what is going on with them after Selfish.

I absolutely can’t wait for more from this book and these four characters.




Mistakes? We all make them. But when you get the chance to right them, you don’t think twice. You take what you know, and you learn from it. I realized I had a chance at something better. He was willing to give me himself. And I wasn’t willing to let anyone take that from me again..
I should have never walked away. He wasn’t right for her; we all saw it. But I did as she asked and let her go. No matter how much it hurt me. But I’ve been given another chance. Now that she’s back in my life, I’m gonna make sure no one comes between us. Some aren’t going to agree. Others are going to downright hate it. But I don’t care.  I’m doing what’s best for me, myself and I … and she is the best!

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