This Isn’t Fair, Baby ~ A Review


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Where do I even start with this review. Other then this book was ah may zing !!!!!!!!!!

I’ve lost all coherent thoughts and sit here in a comatose like state hours after finishing the book.
This book definitely evoked feelings. What the fuck feelings, OH MY Fucking GAWD feelings. NO FUCKING WAY feelings. HOLY SHIT that is soooo ROMANTIC in such a fucked up way feelings.

Angst, heartache, hatred, fear, sadness, outrage, horror, love, lust, even at times disbelief. Those are just some of the emotions I felt with this book. The characters and the storyline so consuming at times I hung on to every word, every scene, everything.

K. Webster is a master of a dark, yet swoony romance. There is nothing fluffy about these books they are fucked up in such a beautiful way and the ups and downs and the OH MY GAWD moments are what makes this a five star read. This series is a like a drug in itself because I am hooked on the characters. So completely hooked I don’t want this series to end. Just absolutely fucking amazing.


TIFB Front Only 3.28.17



***This is the sixth book in the series. First five books must be read in order to fully understand this story line.***

The king in my world fell and a new one slid into place.
He wasn’t just.
He wasn’t FAIR.
He was cruel and hateful and twisted.

But I had this black king figured out.
Or so I thought.

The game became complicated because my black king had some new moves and one of those involved my heart. Hope trickled in for the briefest of moments.

That is, until my black king and my heart sided against me. Those two didn’t play FAIR. They used me as their pawn in a bigger game—a game I didn’t know how to play.

The laws changed. I didn’t play by their rules anymore, for the queen makes up her own.

I am not a pawn.
I am not theirs to use and abuse.
I belong to nobody.

There are new players on the board and they don’t play FAIR either. But the white king does know how to treat his queen. And together, they will make them pay.

All’s FAIR in love and war, right?
Definitely not this time.

This Isn’t Fair, Baby is a dark romance. Extreme sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to dark themes, then this story is not for you.

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