4 Stars (Really Liked It)

Murphy’s Law ~ A Review


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Murphy’s Law was a really good book. The characters couldn’t be more opposite but I did love that about this book. Quinton the successful businessman has his sites set on Ashley who is far from rich and working multiple jobs to put support herself.

I love Quinton and his tenacity, he was protective and sooo sweet. He didn’t falter and as I got to know more about him the more I loved him.

Ashley oh did I love her, she had no filter, no qualms about saying what was on her mind her character was soo refreshing.

The chemistry between these two flowed off the pages. There is some crazy suspense in this book and moments that will make you take a deep breath. A really good read that I would recommend if you are looking for an opposites attract with a push/pull between two characters.





Anything That Can Go Wrong . . .

Nothing is going to go wrong. Ashley Miles has worked too hard for her independence to let some Bentley-driving hunk named Quinton Murphy interfere with her plans — or her freedom. Yes, the chemistry is phenomenal. Kind of scary, actually. But that’s it. NO emotional commitments.

. . . Will

But he’s SO wonderful — a woman could fall in lov . . . How did that happen? That wasn’t part of the plan! But can she trust him? Really trust him? The man is just so mysterious. There’s only one solution: put it all on the line and see what Quinton does when she tells him how she feels. And hope everything that can go wrong . . . won’t . . .


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