Taming A Maverick ~ A Review


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There’s a reason that the SS series is one of my all time favs. Fucking loved this book.
Never have I gotten so invested in books like this before.

Taming A Maverick is one of those books that I have been patiently not so patiently waiting for. No matter how long between the release of books from this series as soon as you read the very first pages you are immediately brought back to a place that you love. We get to see most of the SS gang in this book and as per usual C.M. Owens brings the laughter, the sweet and sexy romance, and always manages to ensure that you fall in love with the story.

Maverick the last man standing if you will, I’ve loved Maverick from the beginning and with each book that he appears in I fell even harder for him. With this book I was a goner. He is witty, charismatic as ever and downright hilarious. We do however get to see a softer side to him one that I don’t think we really see until now. Boy did he make me SWOOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salem I absolutely loved her I think she may be one of my fav. She did what she had to do, but my heart also went out to her because everything she did was for others and never once did she want things for herself. Her brothers were all great in particular her younger brother whom I absolutely loved.

It’s sad to think there are only two books left in this series. I am not sure that I am quite ready to say goodbye even though I know there will be a spin off. C.M. once again proves that she is a master at bringing pee your pants comedy with romance and a little bit of heartwarming angst. I dare you to read any book in this series and not fall in love with it. It’s simply impossible.


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I feel like I’ve waited for ever to have Maverick’s story in my hands and when it finally hit it was a moment that time stood still because I didn’t know if I wanted to dive right in and speed read it or take my time and cherish it because Maverick has always been my favorite person! Well I chose to cherish it and enjoy my time with Maverick. CM gives us another swoon worthy book and the complete package with Taming A Maverick. You will laugh, cry, scream, and want to reach through you kindle and choke them at times! I got to see all my favorite Sterling Shores characters and watch THEM laugh and help Maverick fumble through his relationship with Salem! Gah!! I want a Maverick in my life and man, his mom was seriously one of my favorites in this book too!!! I am seriously getting nervous because I know the end is near and I just can’t seem to let these characters go! They grow on you. I Love love loved this book so hard thank you CM for another fantastic book I can’t wait to see what comes next for these guys!!!





Blurb Graphic


Just some fun. Just one night of reckless, harmless, wild fun.

That’s what I told myself the night I hooked up with quite possibly the sexiest guy I’ve ever known. Only, I didn’t want to KNOW him. Life is a series of temporary situations, or so it’s always been for me. A future revolves around the next move, but I’m still the type to live in the moment on a seldom occasion, consequences be damned.

Unless that moment happens to be unknowingly landing in bed with my brand new stepbrother. The universe is a mean, twisted jerk. And one consequence is that I have to be around him and get to know him. The worst consequence is the fact that Maverick Sterling, the infamous playboy who can’t possibly be tamed, is really hard not to want more of once you’ve had a taste. So long as I’m not stupid enough to fall in love, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Right?


My life has been blissfully simple for a really long time. I have a routine. I have friends. I have family. Yet everyone seems to have less and less time, since they’re all sort of trying to be adults or what the hell ever. I blame them for the fact the only girl to ever ditch me without a backward glance is suddenly under my skin. I blame my father for the fact she’s a new fixture in my life. Not that I knew that before I got a little overly friendly with my new stepsister. I mean, what are the odds? It shouldn’t have been possible.

But it happened. It figures the one girl I can’t get out of my head is the one girl who doesn’t want to be with me. At least in my head she’s the only girl who doesn’t want to be with me, because I tend to be arrogant like that. The point is, now she’s everywhere I turn, yet she’s marking a line in the sand that she thinks I really won’t cross.

Obviously she doesn’t know me at all.

*Can be read as a stand-alone
*Sexual Content
*Adult Language


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