No Regrets Series ~ A Review


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I don’t do anything traditionally, so I am about to bring you a series review, fuck that I can’t even say this is a review. This is my … my… this okay I’ll say review cause I can’t think of anything else to call this.
Why am I doing it all together instead of one review a piece? Because I read them all together, this was one story, I was one emotional fucking train wreck, plus one is more likely to get read by you than three cause I am not so good with my words.
So here goes my everything about these books. I want to start by saying that people prepared me for these books. They told me I’d be shattered and cry and that I would probably be an emotional wreck. So I dove in head first, I read book one two and three in a week, not heeding the warnings that it would hurt. I can honestly say I doubted the warnings, that was my first mistake. I never should have doubted them. So I apologize to those that had to deal with my breakdowns while going through this series, special apology to Aimee for the hate messages, the sad pictures and the barrage of emotions, questions and the odd threat of bodily harm.
What do I call this part? The writing from my view? Sure we will go with that.
The way that Aimee built the characters, all of them, from the primary to the secondary and even those that didn’t matter so much. They were all vivid; I could picture them in my head. Understand their connection to the story and their purpose. The flow of the book was smooth, no big gaps or difficult parts to follow. There were smooth transitions from scenes (not like this review) and the duel POV was well balanced. The time frame was realistic, not too drawn out but not over in a hot minute either. There were some gaps that I was like ‘Bitch what the fuck happened between here and there’ but as I read through, I found that most of my questions were answered and the gaps were filled in.
Honestly looking back after reading the complete series, I wouldn’t change the time gaps at all, even though when reading I was about ready to drive my ass the 7 or some fucking shit worth of hours to Aimee’s house and be like ‘bitch I need you to write the pages between’. So my advice is be patient, don’t be like Veronica.
What else can I say about the writing.. It was deep and meaningful while being witty, clever, sarcastic and sometimes crude at the same time. Specifics: I’ll tell you one (maybe two) specific thing(s) in regards to these books and the rest will be vague and possibly very annoying.. I was taken by the loving friendship that Oliver and Abby share. Growing up you always want a friend like each of them had in each other. I could feel their connection as I read. It was heartwarming and devastating all at that same time. I loved that they had each other but feared what they did to each other all at that same time.
Oh Wait I forgot to tell you.
There’s one character that I fucking hated. I mean I despised them and I thought maybe it would take away from these books for me but it didn’t it just made me love all the other characters so much more for putting up with that character’s shit.
How I reacted to these books: I fucking bawled like a baby throughout this series. The emotions these books TORE out of me were incredible. Not only was I sad for the characters, I swear I felt their pain. I hurt for them or with them, I guess. But fuck if I wasn’t angry at them and for them. If I didn’t want to cuddle them and pet their heads and tell them everything would work out. I wanted to punch them in the face and tell them they were fucking morons and needed to get their heads out of the fucking asses. I was scared for them. I really truly thought I could change the outcome if I thought hard enough (I’m a fucking freak, I know). I was anxious and sometimes I just needed to breathe and remind myself, it’s a book, they aren’t really going through this. But that just made me feel bad cause then I knew somewhere out there someone was or had come through it and I wanted to find them and hold them. Seriously that’s how into these books I got. I felt like I could honestly feel every emotion the characters have but then I had to deal with my own emotions to what they are going through as well and sometimes the conflict and fuck it was a shit show in my head and my heart.
There was so much these characters had to deal with throughout this series. But it never felt to me like “fuck just stop with the shit already’. It all went so fucking well. The characters dealt and supported each other in the ways they could. But they called each other out on their shit too. Which, in my opinion, really gave strength to them as characters and to their relationships within the books. Okay I don’t know if any of this is making sense to you as you read it so let me get this over with. Read these fucking books but make sure you can throw yourself into them. You want to get lost in these characters, pages, and you want to be able to be an emotional wreck in the best of ways.
Tissues, chocolate and if you are so inclined, booze; are all things you will need while reading these books. Also it helps to have a friend to talk to. I play by played my reaction to the books to an amazing friend that let me vent my love and hate and emotions to her without even bating an eye. These are definitely books I will read over and over again and I will recommend them to anyone looking for a good emotional read. Fuck, I’d recommend them to anyone. So I give these books all 5 stars.. and those fifteen stars float in a pool of my fucking sad/happy/angry tears.
Oh and did I say I fucking LOVED these books!


No Regrets (Book 1)

If life ever taught me anything, it’s that nothing should be taken for granted.
One moment
… is all it takes to break a promise. Friendship becomes love.
One second
… is all it takes to end a life. Love becomes pain.
One distraction
… is all it took to change our destiny. Pain becomes hate.

One moment, One second, One distraction.
… Hate becomes all-consuming.

I’m in love with my best friend and that one second
changed everything… 


Living With Regrets (Book 2)

   We swore that we would never give up. We promised each other we would never let go.
And one letter is all it took to tear us apart.

Six years of what seems like a lifetime of mistakes.
Losing control became my escape.

Six years of hiding my tears behind the lies.
Oblivion became the solution.

Six years of burying the constant hate.
Darkness became my solace.

Mistakes. Lies. Hate.
…The emptiness never left.

His death caused us to drift. Her dying wish will lead me back home.

One look
…is all it takes for me to breathe freely again. Hate becomes pain.

One smile
…is all it takes to remember who we are. Pain becomes friendship.

One kiss
… is all it took to want it all back. Friendship becomes love.

I never stopped loving my best friend and I must live with the regret of every second we have spent apart

One look. One smile. One kiss.
…but is love enough to heal a shattered heart?

Transcending Regrets (Book 3)


 Someone once told me to never live with regrets.
I tried.
In every piercing look, I saw the truth.
In every heartwarming smile, I found a friend.
With every kiss, I fell in love.
In every heartbreaking lie, I learned forgiveness.
In every shattering mistake, I achieved redemption.
With every moment of hate, I gained strength.
Every moment became a memory I will cherish forever.
But what if my One Regret
is being One Second too late?





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