3 Stars (It was enjoyable)

Worth The Wait ~ A Review


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Worth the Wait is a insta love fast paced romance.

Josh and Quinn have a chance meeting and the sparks fly. Josh is a stand up guy as we saw in Burn With Me in which he appeared. You don’t have to read that book as this one can stand alone.

Quinn is doing what it takes to survive. Quinn has a secret that she is not sure she wants Josh to know. Josh however really won’t give up and he has his sites set on Quinn.

This book is sweet, endearing with a bit of heart ache and angst. I enjoyed this book but found it a little too fast paced. If you are looking for a quick insta love romance however then I do recommend this book.






This is a short, insta-love Novella about Josh who features in Burn with me.

Looks. Charisma. Charm. Success.

To the outside world, Josh Larson has it all.
With a thriving business and more than enough attention from the ladies, what more could a guy want?


Colliding with Quinn Tate was never part of his plans, but when he meets the sexy as sin stripper, Josh realises there is more to her than meets the eye.
On a mission to fill the void in his life, the mystery surrounding Quinn’s secrets, leaves him craving the truth behind her guarded exterior.
When he wants more than she’s willing to give, the decision lies with Josh.
Give up on something special, or fight for the only woman who could be worth the wait?


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