My Best Friend’s Ex ~ A Review


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Well what can I say about My Best Friend’s Ex that hasn’t already been said? Haha oh yeah a lot because this was an ARC and I am actually writing my review right after reading this time instead of on release day!
This book was everything and more than I expected it to be. I am stuck here for something profound to say, because let’s face it, I am not so good with my words. But all that can come up with is this book was fucking amazing, pardon my french. This book has a bit of everything, anger, heartbreak, love, friendship, lust, history, fun, humor and I may have cried, and not only the happy tears!
It came with depth that you saw coming but didn’t really see coming, if that makes sense? I felt like it made me think before I even released I was thinking. It deals with some pretty heavy topics, and shit, it made me sad but it never took me down a dark hole that didn’t let me enjoy the light of this story. And there is so much light in this story. If you have read Co-Wrecker (if you haven’t I suggest you do), you have a little bit of an idea of what you are going to deal with, with Tucker. But it was never repetitive, this was not a “other side of Sadie’s story” story in my opinion. This was very much a Tucker story.. Well Tucker and few others, who may I say, I adored. That being said let’s get this out of the way now: #RacerForTheWin #RacerIsVeronicas. There you go now you know.  
So that smoothly moved us into the secondary character mentions. Yay go me. The friendships in this book do not disappoint. In true Meghan fashion all of the characters are well rounded. With humor, sex appeal, love and loyalty. They leave you wondering which character you want to hear more from next. In my opinion Racer needs to get more involved in my life and my bed. I mean needs his own story, yes, that is what I meant to say. The characters interact well with the leads and add to the story rather than distract from it. Which is always a plus. I feel like the secondary characters were really a make it or break it deal for this story. They were definitely needed to show the depth needed to get you to where you needed to see the lead characters in the light you needed to see them in. Of course once again this is my perspective so if you don’t agree with it. Oops too bad. Also, sorry Meghan if I misdirected myself while reading and leaned on the secondary characters roles too much but I loved the story even if I did.. Hahah
Tucker .. .. .. Tucker is every home town girl’s dream. He’s got the looks, the brains, the sex appeal and the witt. He also has a full time paying job, which is definitely a plus. He’s just the right mix of broken and scared. I found myself rooting for him in Co-Wrecker but fell in love with him in this book and found that I really understood him. Which I think was the point, so once again yay me for being successful in getting the point.
Emma ! Oh my word Emma!!!!! She was amazing, the sweet, protective, wild cat you don’t see coming. She is so incredibly sweet that everytime she opens her mouth I was surprised as fuck about what came out, haha. I think she is now one of my favourite female characters, ever. She is strong, witty, smart, sexy, while being innocent, vulnerable and so damn cute all at the same time. I wa definitely rooting for a reason for her to get to kick someone in the crotch. Not that she would have. Maybe she would have. Okay she totally would have.
The story’s timeline was smooth and paced so that you could follow it and picture the down times but not to quick that you were like “where the fuck did the last fifteen years of their life go”. The settings are personal and very well thought out. Seriously there’s not six million places you have to try to remember the description of. It take place in a very small amount of places that you should have no trouble keeping track of, in my opinion of course.
So I’ve covered the basics I think, in my own way and opinion. Hopefully you understand why I loved this book. This is one of those put on the shelf and read over again type of books. I cried, I almost peed, I kept the man up with my laughing and my yelling at the characters. I fell in love with a character, okay maybe three and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this read.
A true 5 Star for me.
Thank you for once again listening to my opinion, I don’t know why you do but I love you for it. Haha Hope it turned you on…. to the book of course!





When I found an eviction notice taped on my apartment door, I had two options: find a comfortable cardboard box to call home, or move in with Tucker Jameson.

Seeing that cardboard makes me feel itchy, I chose the latter. Which shouldn’t be that big of a deal Tucker is one of my good friends. And because he’s still pining after his ex-girlfriend and I’m trying to finish my nursing degree, there is nothing to worry about in the romance department, making my last semester an easy one to conquer.

Boy, was I wrong.

Rules are set, dinners are made, conversations are had, and a shirtless, swoony roommate walks around in nothing but a pair of black briefs, ruining me for every other man.

Before I know it, I turn into a panting, lust-filled woman begging for Tucker to kiss me, touch me, and show me exactly what is hiding under those briefs.

But with great orgasms, comes great consequences.

Tucker might be my friend and roommate but he’s also my best friend’s ex-boyfriend, making him completely off-limits. At least that’s what my brain is telling me, my heart is speaking an entirely different language.


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