Somebody Else’s Sky


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BookSmacked Review


My gawd !!! Torture this book is torture in the best way possible. I was up I will 3:30 am reading this as soon as it landed on my kindle.

A slow burn of epic proportions. I will admit I am trying to be super patient with this and it’s so damn hard to be. Damm though if I am not enjoying this journey. These characters are fucking killing me.

White knuckling my kindle as this story unfold because it’s giving me anxiety. And just like in book 1 I feel the emotions the air is thick and heavy with them. So much not even said but felt in this book.

The love is still forbidden and I feel as those Jessica Hawkins has done a wonderful job of taking her time with this. A angst ridden, heartbreaking torture that feels so good. There is no immediate satisfaction here this is a a book that will consume your emotions make you pull out your hair at times but you will love it and you will want more.





If I closed my eyes, I could still see them—all blonde sunshine, ocean-blue eyes, and long limbs. The glint of Lake’s gold bracelet. Pink cotton candy on Tiffany’s tongue. My scenery may have changed from heaven to hell, but some things never would: my struggle to do right by both sisters. To let Lake soar. To lift Tiffany up. The sacrifices I made for them, I made willingly.

A better man would’ve walked away by now, but I never claimed to be any good. I only promised myself I’d keep enough distance. If I’d learned one thing from my past, it was that love came in different forms. You could love passionately, hurt deep, die young. Or you could provide the kind of firm, steady support someone else could lean on.

Lake was everything I wanted, and nothing I could ever have. I was nobody before I knew her and a criminal after. The way to love her was to let her shine—even if it would be for somebody else.

Book two in the Something in the Way series.

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