Devastate ~ A Review


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BookSmacked Review


I absolutely loved this book.

Within the first two chapters I was a blubbering mess. I’m talking tears flowing like Niagara Falls. The heartbreak in those first two chapters is all consuming and I could totally relate to it. I worried that this book would continue to destroy me but I am so glad that instead it made me giddy beyond belief.

The rest of this book is a journey of healing and finding yourself after suffering tragedy that you think you may never recover from.

Lior is the light to bring Evie out of her darkness and slowly but surely we see that happen and it’s the most heartwarming thing. I absolutely loved how their relationship professed even though it seemed to do so slowly, but for me I don’t think it should have gone any other way.

I absolutely love Lior. His patience, his words and even his lack of words were soooo sweet. My heart soared through various moments throughout this book. Even know I can feel my heart beating out of my chest thinking about how giddy I felt when it came to the relationship between these two.

Evie I can only imagine how she feels partly because some of her story I’ve experience myself. The pain never goes away but with the love of others and in this case Lior you can get through it.

This was a beautiful, heartbreaking yet at the same time almost cathartic read for me. It’s a book that I don’t think I will forget.





They always say to expect the unexpected. Little did I know the unexpected also meant the unthinkable.

No longer a wife or a mother, what was once a full and meaningful life was now obliterated; leaving me with nothing but darkness in its place.

Until him.

Blazing bright and determined to bring me back to life, Lior came knocking on darkness’ door. Gentle, yet fierce; he was armed in warmth and healing.

He was powerful, persistent and prepared for war.

I just don’t know if I’m willing to fight or ready to fall.


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