Unraveled ~ A Review


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BookSmacked Review


OMFG This is without a doubt my fav book in this series so far !!!! Every book gets better and better.

We’ve met Adam and Alex in the previous books in this series and I wasn’t sure how they would work together to be honest but they are just absolutely AH MAY ZING !! I loved them and think they may be my favorite couple so far.

Alex I have loved her from the beginning. Never one to hold back, say what is on her mind. She tells it like it is. I couldn’t wait to get her story and truly hoped that she got her happily ever.

Adam hasn’t been as prevalent, popping in and out on occasion throughout the series but he was witty, always with the quick one liners and a hot motorbike racer COME ON !!! Of course I knew I would love him.

This is a friends to lovers romance and WOAH when the lines get blurred it’s hot, its exciting and you just know that this is somehow going to come crashing down. There isn’t instant gratification with this book but it will get your blood pumping. You will be reading away because these two will have you so invested in them just dying to see what happens.

Loved loved this book and FUCK ME I NEED MORE !!!!





I have everything I could possibly want. My career is at an all-time high, I have a hot, low maintenance girlfriend, and a group of friends that have become my family.
Then it all comes crashing down and I’m forced to rely on that group to get me through. In particular, my friend Alex who I’ve known for half my life.
Hopefully I can get out of this with our friendship and my balls still intact.

I finally have it all together. I’m engaged to an actual adult, instead of waiting around for my usual immature type of guy to commit. I own my own salon and live close to my best friend and her growing family.
Then I get a phone call stating that my longtime friend had an accident and everything starts to unravel.
Now it’s up to me to get him through this mess while keeping everything I’ve worked so hard to get.


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