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Witch Hunter: The Rise to Power ~ A Review


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If you love paranormal, you will flove this!
I absolutely love paranormal. This book didnt disapoint. It left you hooked and guessing until the very end. You are thinking one guy is awful and he completely blows you away. This book gives you the feels, you are on the edge of your seat willing them on in their journey. The epilogue made my day also!!

Great gripping read!!

Reviewed by Katy 
Rating 5 Stars




Diana was different from the other people around her, and she had nobody to talk to about her problem.
Her magical problem.
Diana is a witch, the last of her kind.
Living in a quiet town with her best friends, Laurel and Ricky, only made her feel more isolated.
A night out gone wrong sees Diana being chased by a hunter. Not just any hunter, but the one that made witches like her disappear without a trace.
Dante had been searching far and wide for the last witch of the Sucre, but what he found hadn’t fallen in his plans of ‘search for and detain’.
No, this witch was something else; something he never expected.
With High Priestess Invidia watching his every move, he had to be careful with each step that he took.
When a major decision is made, and evil reveals itself can Dante do what is right by his queen?
Will Diana have enough courage to step up to her destiny or will evil win again?

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