BookSmacked Banter

BookSmacked Bizz

What did we see in our facebook feed that caught our attention. Well shit so so much we had to post about it. 

So here’s what I saw that had me clapping like a crazy ass seal.


Countdown to the Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas. Yup JEM has got a new book coming out and to say we are a fan of hers is an understatement after all she gave us The Lord !!!!!!!!

August 8th she releases her newest book The Forbidden and let me tell you we will be one clicking and reading the shit out of it.

L.J. Shen posted her blogger sign up for Scandalous and we now have a release date. Squeeeee!!!!! The fourth book in her Sinners of Saint Series. We are absolutely in love with these Hothole Assholes, we can’t get enough of them and damnnnnn we want more more more.


SE Hall teased us with a coming soon graphic that had our hearts beating so fucking fast. Her Full Circle Series is a spin off and DAYUMMMM the Alpha hotness is just off the charts. She is a wordporn master we can’t wait to see what she comes up with.


Sale Alerts


Melanie Harlow’s After We Fall is on sale for only .99.

Get it here


Amazon ➜

iBooks ➜

Nook ➜

Kobo ➜

And WHAT THE WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!! Cora Brent has an epic epic sale.  You want to snatch these up ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


**FREE! 4 sexy bestsellers in one box set!!**

For 2 days only the first 4 Gentry Boys books included in this box set are FREE!


Get them here >>

New release alerts !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Falling For the Unexpected by Rachel Lyn Adams.  Amazon >>>

This debut is simply Ah may zing !!!!   This is an author to watch for.


One of our go to insta one click authors K. Webster has released a collab book with J.D Hollyfield that we definitely enjoyed.  This Rom Com series is fantastic >>>>

This book has been all over my newsfeed and I am definitely wanting to read it. One clicking is just so hard to refrain from I can’t help myself.   Yup here I go.


And my coblogger Kelly and I are on this Natasha Madison binge read. We are literally devouring all of her books, I mean all of them. We don’t know what we did with our lives before we discovered her but dayummmm. Her books are like our latest crack. Every single one has us in love. We are insta fans. We definitely say go read her if you haven’t. Check her out on the zon


And in none book related news. It’s fucking Shark week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love Shark week lol. So I have been binging on all the shark week goodness on Discovery.


Well that’s about it for today. We might start doing this daily. Who knows.

Tell us what got you excited today in book world.



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