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Mel’s July WrapUp

To say that I read a ton of books in July is an understatement. So many good ones I don’t even know where to being.
I discovered a few new Authors. I devoured a series of 8 books in three days. I had my heart broken, my mind blown and found myself in a book Euphoria.
So here is my July reading wrap up. The Favs !!!!
Leggo !!!!!!!!

July 1st 3:08 am (Facebook social media post) 

It’s 3am and I sit here trying to make sense and come to terms with Carnage. The name of the book is so fitting it’s scary.

I’ve had some ugly cries in the past they have been some doozies. They don’t happen often with me I am one of those people that absorb and process first usually.

But Carnage has completely destroyed me. I’m inconsolable at this point. I’m numb. I’m not even present.

This book is ANGST and that word isn’t even fitting. It’s absolute destruction CARNAGE. I was told by others they were destroyed after reading this and I thought wow I need to read this wondering myself would this be one of those few books that gives me an ugly cry. I think I maybe have had four or five ugly cry books in my lifetime. This book ….. I was OBLITERATED !!!

It’s 3am and even though right now I am mentally exhausted I can’t sleep. I know that if I turn off the lights and lay in bed I will start to sob and as I type this the tears have resurfaced and are trickling down my face. My only options are to lay here with the lights on and slow my breathing or cry myself to sleep.

Lesley Jones what you wrote I will never forget. The ups the downs, the heartbreak, the smiles, the love. The all consuming love.

“It’s time to go, baby.”
“It’s time to go…” 💔💔💔💔
Carnage by Lesley Jones lands on my list of favs taking over the #1 spot of All Time Ugly Cries. I sobbed, you know that inconsolable till the point that no sounds are coming out your body is just convulsing and your heart feels like it might actually stop because you are completely devastated.
After reading book 1 I took a day or 2 to recover and then had to read Carnage Book 2. It helped heal me after reading Book 1 and even now as I type this I am still not completely healed but I do know that I will never forget these two books.
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Carnage: The Story of Us 1
Carnage 2: The Story of Me
So I am already a massive fan of anything K. Webster writes and so of course I chose to read her Pretty Little Dolls series that she cowrote with Ker Dukey.  I’m a huge fan of dark romance and this series OMFG it is definitely one that I devoured, book after book after book. I couldn’t get enough I need more and right now I am anxiously waiting for the next one in this. Brilliantly twisted, this series is a must read if you are a fan of dark romance. This series is on my list of fav dark reads.


  July 4th 11:01 pm (Facebook social media post)

Oh my fuck!!! Author K Webster dude !!!!! !!!!!!!
Dillon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Benny 🖕🖕🖕🖕
I need to work tomorrow and dammit I need to dive into book 2 now. Gah !!!

Your mind is severely twisted but fucking brilliant at the same time. This is a compliment by the way. I can’t believe I waited this long to read this and I’m just gonna blame you cause you have so many damn books out. Ummmkay ….
Also this is my first book by Ker Dukey. I will be putting her on my stalk list effective immediately.
Ok off I go to book 2. See you on the flip side.
You better not harm one hair on Dillons head or else because I know who you are, I will go to your Facebook page. I will find you and I will haunt you. 💀👻👿🔪
This is mostly an empty threat you know I love you K Web and tell Ker that I am harmless please. 😂

July 13th 11:37 am (Facebook social media post)

So there’s this author, well two really. I will call them sorcerer 1 and sorcerer 2. Also known as k Author K Webster and Ker Dukey. They used their voodoo witchcraft Jedi mind trickery sorcery to make my mind go completely twisted. It took me a bit to realize what they had done to me. I feel as though I may now need some form of counselling or maybe a exorcism. I’m not sure yet cause I’m still a little confused 🤷‍♀️ I’m trying to figure out how they managed to twist my head. I used to be this innocent romance reader. One that read nothing but swoon, heartmelting fairy tales with some hot steamy sex. Now I’m this I don’t know what to call it.
But let’s just say when the beginning of a book says this:
To fully enjoy this title you need to be fucked up enough to want more.
And I’m all like YES PLEASE.
And then it says if I survived the first two books and didn’t have any psychotic breaks, I should be fine… maybe.
This is the sorcery I speak of 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Yeah that’s a middle finger 😂 I did that in purpose.
I mean I finished Pretty New Doll at 2am last night. I immediately immediately messaged K Web even though I knew she was sleeping. I almost hoped that her phone was beside her bed and her notification would “ding” or in my mind her phone would magically say “bitch wake up”
I’m sure your sleeping but sweet mother of FUCK !! Are you kidding me right now !!!
That’s the message I left no more just that. I’m sure she woke us saw it and was like What!! In her head thinking fuck this reader is certifiable. Especially since I sent a message like that and didn’t elaborate just left it.
She responded this morning say What hahaha?
Which I picture her sitting there in her garb, with her pot of whatever witchspell she is concocting for her readers. She probably didn’t even have to use her hands to type the message back to me she just used her mind to have her phone do it for her. She’s a mistress of dark magic I’m telling you people.
Ok I lost the point of this post somewhere I think I don’t have the time to read what the fuck I wrote. I’m still in a daze from the book. Son of a bitch what a mind Fuck.
I think I need psychotherapy now.
PicMonkey Collage
                             Pretty Stolen Dolls     Pretty Lost Dolls      Pretty New Doll

July 11th 10:21 pm (Facebook social media post)

Ok so I’ve expanded my reading and tried a Sci Fi Romance. Out of the Ashes by LA Casey. It is way out of my comfort zone as I tend to stick to your mainstream romance, not sure if that is the correct term to be using but that’s what I am going with. I have only read a handful of Para romance because my brain gets all CONFUSED with the different types of “Beings” again not sure if that is the right term. Humor me though lol.
I will admit that I was hesitant and wasn’t sure whether I would like it or not. I mean an Alien and a human, it’s a total foreign concept to me tbh. But HOLY SPACEBALLS, I fell in love with this book and I want more.
It was funny, it was romance , it made me giggle, it made me laugh it made me have those Holy fuck moments. There are Alpha’s that I will say made me fall for them hard. I mean I wanna bone an Alien I’ve officially had my cherry popped.
The characters were strong, the banter was awesome, the storyline I couldn’t get enough of. There was a bit of Angst that made my heart beat fast.
It’s the perfect book for someone who has never read Sci Fi Romance before and is looking to pop their cherry. Trust me I only post about books that I love and this one is no exception. Don’t knock it till you try it, by the end of it and seriously with the way this real world is headed I can only hope that there are some Alien hotties that want to rescue me and take care of me like the characters in this book.
It’s also on KU 🙂
I will be rereading this book I loved it that much.
As I said that day this is my very first Sci Fi Romance, I’ll admit I hesitate to read SciFi and Para romances. Why? Well because I am not a huge fan of SciFi or Paranormal whether it’s movies or tv shows I just don’t normally do them. I’ve read some para and ones that I have loved but they are few and far between and I’ll be honest and say a human and an alien romance well it just sounds weird to me. But this book, well this book just completely changed my opinion. I loved loved it and I am instantly wanting more books with these characters. So if you are looking for something that is different but will still give you all those romance feels while at the same time making you laugh and pulling at your heart strings then I strongly suggest this book.
Out of The Ashes (Maji Book 1)
July 11th 10:49 am (Facebook social media post)
This is me. This is me right now reading Savage Locke by Victoria A Ashley and Jenika Snow.
Holy fuck !!! Sterling Locke my gawd I’m have multiples over here people. 💦💦💦💦

July 12th 11:02 am (Facebook social media post)

Today is called read with Mel day. You are gonna get a play by play of me reading a book because fuck me I’m having a bookgasm.
“How long have you wanted me to own you, Wynter?.”
Are you kidding me right now. I’ve officially lost all control of my vagina at this point.
I’ve barely scratched the surface of this book and I’m about to fucking burst.
Victoria A Ashley has been getting messages from me all morning I figured I’d let you all in on them. 😂😂

July 12th 11:02 am (Facebook social media post)

giphy (1).gif
Sometimes in books there a things the character says that has you all fucked up in such a good way. I love that fierce almost carnal almost crude and just dominant talk that gets your blood pumping.
“No man has ever licked or fucked you the way I will, baby. That’s a fucking promise.”
Bookwhore down I repeat bookwhore down.
Savage Locke
#HotReads#LockeBrothers#SterlingLocke — with Victoria A Ashley.
Savage Locke is book 2 in the Locke Brothers series by Victoria Ashley and Jenika Snow. This is a series that has some hot ass alpha men that will make you want to squirm in delight, if ya know what I mean. LOL I absolutely can’t wait for the next books in this series. I don’t know in the end who my fav Locke brother will be I just want them all.
PicMonkey Collage.png
     Damaged Locke (Locke Brothers 1)   Savage Locke (Locke Brothers 2)

July 15th 12:18 am (Facebook social media post)

Ok so I just finished reading Unrequited by Saffron Kent. Holy Fuck !!!!
I went into it completely blind had no clue what it was about because I tend to do that. Just saw people buzzing about it and had a few people message me asking if I read it.
Told it was taboo, angsty and hot as Fuck.
And I was like well fuck a duck count me in. They were all right.

I’m reading along not knowing a thing trying to immediately figure out the story here. I’m thinking ok the title is Unrequited and so it’s got to be about a forbidden love maybe. And then there’s this part that sort of tells me at least I think and I’m all like WHAT THE WHAT.
Then shit gets real !
So here’s the blurb of this book.
Layla Robinson is not crazy. She is suffering from unrequited love. But it’s time to move on. No more stalking, no more obsessive calling.
What she needs is a distraction. The blue-eyed guy she keeps seeing around campus could be a great one—only he is the new poetry professor—the married poetry professor.
Thomas Abrams is a stereotypical artist—rude, arrogant, and broody—but his glares and taunts don’t scare Layla. She might be bad at poetry, but she is good at reading between the lines. Beneath his prickly façade, Thomas is lonely, and Layla wants to know why. Obsessively.
Sometimes you do get what you want. Sometimes you end up in the storage room of a bar with your professor and you kiss him. Sometimes he kisses you back like the world is ending and he will never get to kiss you again. He kisses you until you forget the years of unrequited love; you forget all the rules, and you dare to reach for something that is not yours.
So I will say this I am very hesitant when it comes to books that have cheating so I’m glad I didn’t read the blurb it actually might have prevented me from reading this book. Trust me you will understand when you read it.
I’m surprised my kindle didn’t burst into flames. #storagecloset 💦💦💦💦
These two are playing such a dangerous game and fuck me I was so engrossed in it. And it gets better as the book goes along.
This is one of those books that you will get sucked into. By the end of it I was like holy shit this book was sooooo good
I chose to read this book because I saw so much buzz on social media about it. I had a book friend also message me telling me how good it was. I am glad that I listened to the buzz and to my friend because this book was soooo good. It had me engaged the entire time and all I could think to myself was Holy Shit !!! Holy Shit !!! turning the page and reading quickly because I couldn’t get enough of this taboo story.
The Unrequited

July 15th 6:04 am (Facebook social media post)  **YUP THAT IS THE CORRECT TIME**

So it’s almost 6 am this girl has not yet gone to sleep yet because I finally read Elite by Rachel Van Dyken. Clearly I’ve been living under a rock And for that I will put myself in the box of shame. Let me tell you I can instantly say this is going on my list of fav series reads and I’m only at Book 1. This book went on my fav reads list at 20% in.
I mean holy fuck. This starts off as a young girl going to University but of course there are the Entitled assholes that make her life a living hell. Throw in a sexy, broody asshole who basically seems to run the place and then hit me with a fucking truth bomb and holy shit i am officially obsessed with this series. Now to decide if I should try and get a few hours of sleep before I move onto the next book.
Decisions decisions..

July 15th 1:14 pm (Facebook social media post)

So I’m reading the Eagle Elite Series by RVD. I’m on book 2 and I didn’t realize it but apparently I’ve been talking out loud and sort of laughing but not laughing you know that laughing not because something is funny but because shit is getting real in the book and your are all like oh my fuck <insert giggle/guffaw/grunting noise> while saying out loud oh my god oh my god!!!
My husband walked into the room as I was talking to myself.
Hubby: <chuckles> good book babe
Me: oh my fucking god seriously holy fuck
Hubby: look at you geeking out over a book
Me: holy Fuck it soooo good. Mafia book i am in love.
Hubby: nice well don’t forget to do some laundry
Me: what did you say to me do you even know who your speaking to
Hubby: babe your not in the book it’s not real
Me: I will send Nixon and Chase to fuck You up.
Hubby: you’re Asian not Italian
Me: fuck you don’t ruin my fantasy
Hubby: <walks away> I swear to god I’m married to a nutcase
Me: <yells> I Fucking heard that !!!!
Hubby: <yells> shoot me now
Me: <yells back> i tell the boss to take care of that 😂😂

July 15th 2:16 pm (Facebook social media post)

I’m having one of those freaking out moments. Ya know the good ones where you’re so caught up in a book that you need to stop and freak the fuck out. You are basically LIVING in the book. You are so far gone in the story that you can’t contain yourself. I’m am book nerding the fuck out. It’s the ultimate high nothing is better then when this happens to a reader. Rachel Van Dyken you are a fucking genius !!!!!

July 15th 3:04 pm (Facebook social media post)

You are all going to hate me over the next few days. I am straight up tripping balls over here reading the Eagle Elite series. I’m seriously losing it HOLY FUCK I think I’ve had multiple heart attacks. I’m going to need to be committed because I’m losing my mind.
Just imagine this as me right now but with long hair and breasteses 😂

July 16th 5:59 pm (Facebook social media post)

It started with Book 1 on Friday I’m now starting Book 6. I can’t get enough of the Eagle Elite series it is without a doubt a top fav series for me. Fuck these characters, the storylines. The mafia hotness !!!!
I’m consumed, utterly consumed

July 16th 9:50 pm (Facebook social media post)

Everyone is all about GOT and I’m over hear thinking why the hell is Eagle Elite not a tv show because fuck me these books right now are fucking epic.
I’ve just finished book 6 and on to book 7. That’s six books since Friday that’s how fucking good these are.
I haven’t showered.
I haven’t left the house.
I have been snacking cause cooking means I stop reading.
I’ve taken the kindle to the bathroom.
I’ve narrowly avoided walking into a door and a wall in the house.
I’ve pulled an all nighter.
I’ve had copious amounts of caffeine.
I basically look like a real life zombie but fuck me if I’m stopping until I’m done.

July 17th 6:00 pm (Facebook social media post)

If you haven’t met these men then holy fuck me sideways you are missing out.
I love them all I am completely and utterly obsessed with these mafia bad boys. In my mind they are REAL they exist. I can’t get them out of my mind.
Eagle Elite series by Rachel Van Dyken this is a MUST MUST MUST Read.
It is now one of my all time favorite series.

July 18th 8:04 pm (Facebook social media post)

Here’s my day.
Get up think about Eagle Elite series.
Scroll facebook.
Comments on some posts.
Posts in readers group.
Chat to a book friend about Eagle Elite
Do some blog work
Think about Eagle Elite
Make some lunch
Talk to someone else about Eagle Elite
Check blog emails
Look online at the local bookstore to see if they have paperback copies of the Eagle Elite series
Go grocery shopping
Friend stops by the house. Tell them about Eagle Elite.
Post some reviews
Call my co blogger Kelly Tucker on video chat
Talk her ear off about Eagle Elite series.
I have a problem

July 19th 1:16 am (Facebook social media post)

So it’s me again lol. It’s 1am and I’m sitting here thinking how do I post a review on a series that has 8 books. Do i do a series review do I post a review for each book. How do I post about a series that has me utterly consumed. How do I post reviews on the blog that will do this book and this series justice. Maybe I do a series review at first. Then over the next month I post a book review a week.
Maybe I just keep talking about these books every day until you get annoyed with me and say OK ALREADY fuck Mel I am reading them. Are you happy now and then I can Why yes yes I am very happy that you are finally reading the goodness that is the Eagle Elite series by Rachel Van Dyken. And yes yes I know they are so damn good and yes yes you are loving them as well. Right !!! So fucking good. And what they are your new top reads as well. Holy shit I totally agree.
Then you say I don’t even know which guy I love more I love them all its so hard to choose. And I say OMG right fuck they are all fucking greatness.
Then you say each books just got better and better. Then I say Preach !!!!!!
Then you say I need more. Then I say FUCK me too.
Then we ride off into the sunset together on our book loving unicorn that appears out of nowhere.
Safe to say that based on all the above posts the Eagle Elite series has landed on my ALL TIME FAV SERIES list. And let me tell you there are more posts that I can include but I think you get the picture here.  Even as I type this I feel myself getting pulled right back into it. This is a huge series but trust me when I say that it is one that I will never forget, I will reread these a million times over and I will continue to obsess over them.
🔫Bang Bang
🔫Enchant  (Series prequel you can technically read after you’ve read the first two, it’s only a few chapters but it really helps shed some light on things that happen in Elicit)
🔫Enforce * this book is Elite from the guys FOUR POV’s, I always suggest readers attack it when they are waiting for the next book to release, but I don’t suggest you dive in until you’ve finished Elicit.
🔫Enrapture  * this is a novella that can be found in the Hurt anthology
🔫A Very Mafia Christmas * this is a bonus novella you can get if you join Rachel’s Rockin’ Readers
🔫**Enamor is a bonus novella in the back of Elicit that deals with Nixon/Trace
🔫**Evoke is a 3 chapter bonus novella on WATTPAD for free that you can read in between Elite/Elect
PicMonkey Collage.png

July 18th 11:53 am (Facebook social media post)

A battle of words with a spitfire and a sexy suit in a Starbucks starts it off in this book and I’m immediately smiling. Followed
with a bit of a oopsie moment as Lola manages to piss of one of the owners of the company she works for. I have to say that it had me in absolute stitches as her and Grayson meet for a second time under what I would call an awkward as Fuck situation. But man did I laugh my ass of. #Glasswallshurt 😂
I swear this book had me in tears absolute full on snorting, giggling, laughing until no sound came out tears. Lola just picture shove foot in mouth here because that’s essentially what happens early on in this book and my gawd does it make for a hilarious read that had me dying.
And let’s talk about Grayson Lockhart. Sweet mother of mercy he is what we would call walking sex on a stick. Determined, a bit cheeky, confident and just exudes sex. I can almost hear his raspy voice in my head and it makes all those lady parts tingle. He made me giddy to the point I would probably sound like a hormonal preteen giggling like a moron and full on blushing.
The proverbial fireworks that go off when Lola finally lets her guard down holy Hanna. I found myself living vicariously through her. Lucky biatch because Grayson hot dayummm made my toes curl.
So much push and pull with these two but it made for some hawt steamy scenes. This book had everything from some drama filled moments that had me thinking oh hell no I will cut you. To some oh my gawd I’m gonna pee myself right now.
And the supporting cast was outstanding in this. I fell in love with mostly all of them and am praying to the book gods that some of these characters will get their own books. #NanaIsTheBest #MommaIsDramatic#BestiesThatIWoildWantInRealLife
I don’t think I’ve read a Jessica Prince book that I haven’t floved and this one is no exception. It’s fun, sexy and Grayson will definitely have you swooning with his charm, determination and sexiness. Lola well dammit I would love for her to be my friend she was fierce, awkwardly hilarious and a bit unhinged at times but I absolutely loved her.
This is Seducing Lola by Jessica Prince and yes it’s Fucking live!!
Jessica Prince is a definite go to for Rom Com Romances for me. I love her writing style, her characters always make me laugh and swoon. Whenever I need a pick me up and want to read a light hearted funny romance I definitely check out Jessica’s books.
Seducing Lola

July 21st 12:04 pm (Facebook social media post)

Ok so last night I read Only His by Madison Rose. If you haven’t heard of Madison Rose it’s a combo of Aurora Rose Reynolds & Natasha Madison.
Well fuck me sideways !!! This was a wicked hot and sexy read. A short story that will make you needing to take a cold shower afterwards or it might make you want to “snuggle” up with your loved one.
Liam holy sex on a stick, he was possessive, alpha, commanding and Fucking relentless. I don’t know how many times I said holy shit out loud while reading this book because the sex scenes are just WOAH. 🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦
I mean seriously Liam will make you want to flick the bean or climb your man like a monkey climbing a tree.
I seriously hope this is not a one time thing from Madison Rose because I would love more from them. Silently says a prayer to the book gods. Amen 🙏
Now I am a huge fan already of Aurora Rose Reynolds, her Until Series is one of my ultimate favs. So when I saw this book I said yup I am going to check it out. My only complaint about this book was that it was too short and I want so much more and also who is Natasha Madison. Definitely have to check out her books. If you want a sweet, sexy, short read that is full of some wicked hotness then Only His is a great book for you.
Only His

July 21st 2:17 pm (Facebook social media post)

When you read an ARC of book knowing that is the very first book from a brand new author you feel honoured that this person has given you a piece of her, you can imagine how scary it might feel to put themselves out there for the first time ever. I can’t even imagine it tbh.
So I waited a bit to read this book I wanted my mind to be clear if that makes sense. What I can say is that what I read today was sooo unbelievably good. I mean if this is a debut then oh man I’m Fucking excited for what’s to come.
This book was so well written. My heart swelled for this romance. You find yourself sometimes going through life, along the way you experience relationships and some of them are not the greatest. Some of them are painful some of them make you doubt your worth and then when you least expect it you fall. You fall for the unexpected.
Rachel Lyn Adams-Burgess you couldn’t have known how closely I related to this book. And fuck me I didn’t expect for it to happen. Shit I actually have tears right now typing this. I didn’t start this post off crying but I’m crying now. SHIT !!! I honestly didn’t see this happening What The Fuck. I need chocolate WOW! Holy I’m …..
I don’t know why to say anymore I honestly didn’t think me typing this out would lead to the state I am currently in. Balls !!!
Ok so people Rachel Lyn Adams, Author has a book releasing on Tuesday. It’s her debut novel and it’s sooo good. So yeah you should read it, it’s an amazing debut. It is called Falling For The Unexpected.
I need a tissue now I’ll be back to comment with links once I compose myself.
Sometimes a book hits you and you don’t realize it until after.
This debut author had me blown away and touched me in a such a personal way. this book is sweet it’s so heartwarming and for me it was somewhat cathartic. Because something’s when you least expect it you end up Falling For The Unexpected. Part of the best thing about being a Blogger is getting the chance to discover brand new authors one that you might never have known if you weren’t part of the book world community. I am hoping that you too read this book and discover just how talented Rachel Lyn Adams is. She is definitely an author to watch for.
Falling For The Unexpected

July 22nd 10:38 pm (Facebook social media post)

I’ve just finished Tempt The Boss by Natasha Madison
Nikki Ash <insert comment here> 😂
Well shit talk about a chapter one. It instantly had me all riled up. I was ready to jump into the book and start burning everything like a woman scorned. When the first chapter has me shouting Motherfucker !!! I know that I’m gonna wanna keep reading.
What happens after that first chapter though had me smiling, laughing and snortling.
Lauren and Austin holy Fuck 😂😂
From #swollenballs to #penisbombs this book is full of inappropriate antics that you wish you were brave enough to do yourself.
I mean holy shit I feared for the mans safety in this book. I almost felt sorry for fucker while at the same time was like ohhhh I hope it gets worse.
This is one of those great Rom Coms that will have you laughing hysterically and at the end of it you will swoon and smile and want more.
I definitely need the next book in this series.

July 24th 8:57 pm (Facebook social media post)

Natasha Madison when my hubby comes home and wonders why nothing got done in the house today you are getting the blame. Just though I’d give you a heads up.
Omfg Matthews book omg I didn’t think I could love him as much as Cooper but oh my fuck.
It’s it bad to want both Cooper and Matthew.

July 24th 9:12 pm (Facebook social media post)

Just finished reading an arc of Something So Perfect by Natasha Madison. 😍😍😍😍😍
It’s a new fav oh my gawd !!!!!
Hockey hunk Matthew Grant he can score with me any day of the week. I’ll handle his stick and gladly go to the sin bin with him.
This guy is just Faaaccccckkkkkkk !
And omg he is overbearing is such ridiculous ways I couldn’t help but snort giggle. This is a must read must must must read.
If you haven’t read this series start with Something So Right and fall in flove with Cooper then when Something So Perfect releases in a week I think you can expetience your vagina go into overdrive when you meet Matthew.
Ok so after reading Only His by Madison Rose as I spoke about earlier, I had to find out about Natasha Madison. And I went on what is known as a book binge. HOLY SHIT BALLS. Natasha know lands on my I will one click the shit out of any book she writes list. From Rom Com to Dark Reads she can write like a BOSS. I read four books by her in a matter of days. I do have one more book to read and trust me that will be done in the month of August. But yeah, she’s amazeballs and I am an instant fan of hers.
PicMonkey Collage.png
Tempt The Boss  Hell and Back  Something So Right   Something So Perfect

July 28th 4:36am (Facebook social media post)

Son of a mother facckkk. Meagan you owe me a Fuck ton of Starbucks.
It’s 4:30 am and you are all cozy sleeping in your bed and I’m over here cursing you to hell.
Gawdddd dammit !!!!!
Kova has me all fucked up over here.

July 28th 1:54 pm (Facebook social media post)

Peeps !!! Balance by Lucia Franco
Just saying I was up till 4:30 am I read this in one sitting and afterwards I lay awake for another hour thinking Kova I just want Kova!!!!!
And I’m still thinking Kova !!!!
This book pushes the boundaries and I want to obliterate the boundaries because Kova !!!!
Ok so let’s talk about Balance. OH MY WORD !!!!! This story was Taboo AF. A good book friend of mine had been on me for months and months to read this book. Harassing me constantly. Well this is one of those times that she can absolutely say “I fucking told you so”. I read this in one sitting, I was up until 4am finishing this book. I will say this is one of the most taboo reads I have ever read and I have read a few. It isn’t for everyone but WOW it was definitely amazing and I am DYING for the next book. If you are not afraid to stray from the norm and you like to get caught up while you are reading and you love that feeling once you finished reading, you know the HOLY WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING FUCKITY FUCK did I just read feeling. Then yes read this book.
Balance (Off Balance Book 1)

July 29th 2:53 pm (Facebook social media post)

Ok so I start this book and it’s great and seems like it’s gonna be cute and ya know one of those sweet romances.
I’m reading away and thinking oh hell yeah. This book is hot, instant connection yes yes yes, one of those relationships that you read about and think to yourself I wish I had that instant chemistry hot as fuck encounters when I first meet someone.
Then BAM !!!! Oh my what in the ever loving fuck Noooooooo !!!!!! Oh SHIT !!!! Holy fucking shit !!! I should have known or suspected I mean the title is called the Forbidden. Of course I didn’t read the blurb it’s Jodi Ellen Malpas for crying out loud !!! You don’t need to read the blurb of her books you just READ the damm thing.
Ok so my little outburst is over now I’m gonna go back to reading. But holy shit !!!

July 29th 5:09 pm (Facebook social media post)

I am in so deep with The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas.
This book has already had me on edge and my palms have been sweating the entire time reading I think I’ve ruined the pages of the paperback itself.
And I’ve just had to put the book down for a second because my heart just fucking dropped, I feel as though I could throw up right about now.
Gah !!!!
It’s not pretty, it’s not a bed of roses and it’s certainly not a fairytale romance but it definitely is bringing out all the emotions which is what a great book does.
I’ve been giddy, I’ve been conflicted, I’ve been angry, sad, fuck I’ve even been judgemental while reading this book.
Fuck me I don’t know what I feel. I’m a basket case of emotions right now.
Ok back to reading.
PS: This book releases in Aug I’ll come back later with the exact date cause my brain is mush and I can’t remember it at the moment.
Ok so Jodi Ellen Malpas is an instant fav one click no hesitation author for me. I mean she brought us The Lord Of the Manor on of my very first reads when I discovered the world of romance all those years ago. The Forbidden is her next book releasing on Aug 8th. I was very fortunate to receive an Advanced Copy of the book from the publisher and oh man I can honestly say this is another fav of mine from her. I had so many freak out moments reading this book it was completely nail biting for me and I loved that she took such a risk with this one since the subject matter is a bit taboo. Engaging, Forbidden romance that will have you on the edge of your seat I tell you and the last book in my July wrap up of favs.
The Forbidden
Well I hope you enjoyed this craziness, I am one of those readers that when I am in love with what I am reading I have to shout it out to the world or in this case post it on my social media profile. I just can’t contain my excitement sometimes and I want to always have those conversations with others about books that I am reading. I love sharing my excitement and figured instead of just doing one of those blog posts and saying ok here are the book I read in July that I loved and giving you the book names I figure I would post my experiences and my thoughts that I posted as I was reading these books.
I would love to hear what you read in July that made you as excited as I was.
Until next time.
Read and Repeat
Mel 🙂



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