Just a few gals who love books and debauchery. 

Bitches Be Readin

BookSmacked is the brainchild of Melissa Teo and was created on December 1st, 2015 due to a passion of reading and wanting an outlet to talk about books with other bookworms. Shortly after the creation of BookSmacked, Veronica Ashley joined the team. About a year later BookSmacked added yet another member Kelly Tucker.  A triple threat trio of ladies who are extremely passionate about reading.  
What started out as a simple book blog where we would share new releases and reviews slowly grew into so much more.
A online book group BookSmacked Book Bar was created for Authors and Readers to help promote their books.
We also wanted an online Book Club specifically for woman who also share a passion of books. So in September of 2016, B.A.N.G. (BookSmacked & Naughty Girls) Book Club was created.  
With over 700 members we have a great place to chat, discuss books, give each other recommendations and just have fun.
However, we didn’t stop there. In January of 2017 BookSmacked Promotions was launched.  
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Taking our passion for books and what we have learned from being bloggers we decided to take the next step in helping Authors with their passion. By providing Marketing, a must-have strategic tool that is critical to any business in today’s world, and promotional services. Offering a wide range of services, and providing options to cater to your personal requirements and style. As part of these promotional services, we created a review team. They are an extension of our blog and our Book Club. The review team consists of 44 wonderful ladies who love all different genres of books, they love to read just as much as we do.
The blog has grown beyond our wildest dreams and we are extremely proud and honored that people have taken an interest in what we love to read and what we have to say.

Where to Find Us you Ask? Well… we are everywhere.

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Who are the Girls behind BookSmacked? 

18447091_420127005038454_2061351929255407247_n Melissa 

Hey, I’m the proud wife of a wonderful man, whom I call my bestie. I am a huge bookwhore as well as a lover of sports and am obsessed with Sharks. I’m talking big great whites. My passion is reading and my idea of bliss is sitting down with a book, a snack and a coffee. I read mostly romance but have been known to also read some para and dark. Some of my fav authors are L.A. Casey, C.M. Owens, Aurora Rose Reynolds. I tend to be slightly over dramatic when I review books, it’s not something that I can help and was even once had someone say that when I talk about books I sound like a hyped up crackhead. I take that as a compliment. LOL I am very much a speak my mind kind of gal and have been known to throw an F bomb or two or three out. I am quirky and have a sense of humor, I feel laughter is happiness.  


First off I’m a mom and a sidekick to a man.. I daytime as a coordinator at a non profit that provides in home services for seniors. I weekend with a catering company when I can.. I guess you could say I night as a blogger/Admin for a kick ass blog.. I have weird taste and a variety of dislikes. I’m not the kind of girl you take home to mommy unless mommy likes piercing, tattoos, cussing and a perverted sense of humor. Oh and I may be the most opinionated person in the world that can’t make a decision to save her life. I like my tv in the form of Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls or Suits.. Scary doesn’t work cause I am a big wuss! I like my books in the contemporary romance genre, with romantic comedy and some darker sides mixed in .. My favorite authors range from C.M. Owens to Helena Hunting, B.B. Reid to R.L. Mathewson and I will admit I have a total crush on Author Meghan Quinn. I have an unhealthy obsession with junk food, we have a love hate relationship most of the time. I’m mouthy and rude with a twisted sense of humour But mostly I’m just your average joe, living the life and enjoying the ride!



I’m a mom of 4 and married to the best husband a woman could ask for! I get to stay at home and read, blog, and PA for a few amazing author during the day. But come evening  time
I’m a mitt findin’     uniform washin’   Gatorade gettin’    carpool drivin’   picture takin’ always cheerin’  Softball and Volleyball mom to my oldest daughter!
My youngest daughter is the dancin’ queen. Well my boys what can I say? They’re boys they love to be boys!   I love to read mostly romance, romantic comedies, NA, contemporary,  and dark is  quickly becoming my new favorite. I can’t read anything scary because then I’ll be checking under the bed for monsters!!  Some  of My favorite authors are Shantel Tessier, C.M. Owens, Lani Lynn Vale, K. Renee, Winter Travers, Mayra Statham, SE Hall

Booksmacked Reveiew Team PNG.png

In addition to the three of us we also have a select team of trusted book lovers and reviewers. They are an extension of our blog and our Book Club for ladies we call B.A.N.G.  (BookSmacked & Naughty Girls). The review team consists of 44 wonderful ladies who love all different genres of books, they love to read just as much as we do.
Interested in having your book reviewed by our team. You can fill out the review request form here >>  Review Request Form


Our Reviewers

My name is Katy. I am a young mum (25) of three children. I also have a step son. I work full time and the rest of my time is spent sorting out the monsters. 
I love nothing more than sending the crap bags bed after after a non stop 15 hour day, with my feet up, a cuppa and my beloved kindle. I may aswell be married to it because it spends more time in my hands than my hubby ever has 😂. What can i say? I am a true bookwhore. Books are my passion and i love getting lost it one.


My name is Emma. I’m married to an awesome alpha man who likes to act like a few of my book boyfriends (you’ll never find me complaining!) I am a blogger and the world’s biggest bookworm. I have many favourite author’s including C.M Owens, S.M Shade, Kristen Proby, Kelly Elliot and Mia Sheridan. I love finding new authors and adding to my TBR! 
My most favourite thing is coming home from work, putting my PJs on and getting lost in my books. You’ll even find me at the busiest table in the lunch room at work with not a care in the world cos I’m swept away to another reality. I am extremely lucky to have met some amazing people through this book world, some of which I am honoured to call my friends 


My name is Dawne. From an early age, I chose books as my way to explore and I never looked back. My mom would have to make me play outside and then pushed me into sports just to keep me from holing up in my room and reading all the time. I learned to love sports, but reading is my passion. My tablet is attached to me at all times, and my family knows that when my nose is in a book they will be totally ignored. 
Oh yeah, I have 3 grown children, married and still head over heels in love with my high school sweetheart and best friend. 
I’m a total paranormal bookwhore, but have started loving Romance, especially Rom Com. Make me laugh and you got a friend for life. I love the beach and sharing my passion about books with anyone who will tolerate me.


Hey All! I’m a single mom of five beautiful girls ranging in age from 16 to 3 year old indentical twins. My life is busy and my heart and hands are always full. Reading is my passion, my escape, my next big adventure, and my bliss! I’m a total book whore and I read a variety of genres just depending on my mood, however romcoms and paranormal are probably my favorite. I can’t name names when it comes to favorite authors, I have too many and we’d be here all day because I love them all for different reasons and I’d end up naming fifty…lol I have a sarcastic sense of humor, a lil pervy, dirty minded, and my favorite word begins with F. I’m a classic “bad mom”, I freaking loved that movie and I think the main character and movie were modeled after my life…I’ll be 41 this year and as long as I have my kids, books, coffee, wine, and my B.A.N.G. bitches, life is great and I’m happy!


“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” —Mark Twain
Hi all! My name is Yericka (pronounced Jeh-ri-kuh), I’m the mother of one beautiful spoiled rotten little girl. I’m currently a child care provider/SAHM, newbie blogger at One Click Romance (A Book Blog), reviewer and author J Thompson’s PA. Reading has always been my passion but joining the indie book community, as a reader, has been amazing! Some of my favorite indie authors are: J Thompson, Melody Dawn, Kym Grosso, Belle Brooks, Aimee Noalane, Micalea Smeltzer, and so many others, I could be here all day just naming authors. The same could be said of genres, though if you give me romance I’m all for it.


My name is Rachael. I live in bonnie Scotland with my 3 children and hubby. I work full time and any other time is spent reading, teaching disabled youngster to horse ride and girl guiding in the uk where I run 2 units. I have lots of favourite authors I like to read and reread. 
I like to put my Jammies on, sit down with some home made brownies and read a book or 2. I like rom com, paranormal and most genres apart from hysterical romance.


My name is Lynne. I live with my partner of 22 years (he still makes my knees weak) and our very creative, sassy 10 year old daughter. Both keep me on my toes, smiling like an idiot and counting my blessings!!
I have always been a bookworm, losing myself in Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books as a child! My Mum introduced me to Mills and Boon back in the day and I never looked back! The books have just got a little hotter! I have many favourite authors, including Lexi Buchanan, Hadley Quinn, Kathy Coopmans, KL Donn, Mary B Moore, BT Urruela, Tammy Falkner to name a few……..and my TBR is out of control!! 
When not reading you will find me baking up a storm in the kitchen with Miss Sassy Pants, or out and about exploring our beautiful corner of UK!


Hey y’all! I’m Jessica, I’m almost (July 27th) 29, I like long walks in the store,(away from screaming kids), I swear like it’s going out of style, and not good with these things. BookSmacked Mel told me to make one so here’s me! I’m a mother to 2 amazing girls. I’ve been lucky that I can be a stay at home mom and get to read an blog during the day, plus, sleep isn’t my friend. I love to read. I’m good at reading, and I’m a fast reader. No, really, I get called crazy all the time! I take it as a huge ass complement. There very few things I don’t care to read, such as YA (not my favorite) and clean romance. I love dark and dirty, but also fun and flirty. I couldn’t even begin to list some of my favorites Authors because there are so many!!!! I will say I go crazy over unique plots! They are my weakness! So….. that really me in a nutshell. I may be a little crazy, but it’s in the best way possible!


Hey, hey!! My name is Krista and I’m married to a big boss man and I’m the mother of little boss man. I’m a stay-at-home mom so my little boss man is attached to my hip. My husband has finally accepted my book/reading Obsession and the fact that my face is almost always stuck in a book, haha. I like to load my kindle up and have recently gotten in to starting my paperback collection. Some of my favorite authors are Aimee Noalane, Abigail Davies, Danielle Dickson and Lisa Renee Jones. I read just about anything but am still fairly new to a lot, if that makes sense, haha. I like to think I have a great sense of humor and I’m almost always thinking with a dirty mind. Making me laugh wins my heart so you know I love making others laugh. I like to leave reviews on books based on how they make me feel and how those characters have left an impression on me. I just love to read so give them to me and I’ll let you know how I get on! Also, I love to message the authors for many reasons!


Hi! I’m Sam. I’m a MEGA nerd…I love to game, read (duh), cosplay, and can craft up a storm. I also have a really weird obsession with the OCTOPUS. My favorite genres include fantasy, sci-fi, romance, & YA. I have two cat fur babies and am a soon-to-be wifey. I am extremely weird and sarcastic. Lastly I love to hashtag, demonstration you ask? #nerdalert #octolove#hashtag


Hello All!!! Let me introduce my purple haired self…
I’m Terri and I am a proud parent of a bookworm in training along with my zoo of fur-babies: 3 dogs (2 Chihuahua mixes Punkie & Izzybelle and the old man Boston terrier Scooter-Pooter) then the 2 cats (Rodent-Slayer and Eyedol). I share this wonderful life with a man that I call the Lovable Asshole. I am know to have a very perverted sense of humor and mind, in fact I pride myself in finding ways to make the men in my life speechless and blush. My favorite sentence enhancer is the F-bomb, hey it takes a lot of skill to work that word multiple times into a sentence. The one really big thing about me is…
I like big books and I cannot lie…
In fact I have such a love of reading and the written words in general that I am in school working towards my Bachelors in Library and Media Science. I read a lot of romance, but I have been known to sample some paranormal, suspense and even the occasional sci-fi. My go to authors that I have to try to share with everyone that I get a chance to is C.M. Owens, M. Robinson, Kim Jones, TM Frazier, Jettie Woodruff, Penelope Douglas, Kristen Ashley and Patricia Cornwell. My friends all know that if they ask me for a book recommendation that they better have paper and pencil ready. And if I say that I am going to the bookstore, don’t ask me when I will be back, because I don’t even know when I will be leaving. I am never without either a paperback, my tablet that has my Nook and Kindle libraries, or the Nook and Kindle app on my phone.


Hello everyone my name is Francesca. I a mom of 2 I’m also a barista for Starbucks. I started reading since I was 8 and fell in love with the fictional world. I also try to run a small blog as well.


Hey there! I’m Joanne, 28, from the Philippines, reading has always been a passion of mine, I could stay locked in a book for hours without a care in the world. I have so many favorite lists of authors but the top most would always be JK Rowling. The Harry Potter series was the first ever hardbacks i had and spent way too much money just to have it shipped out to the Philippines from the UK (lol yes I was that addicted to it).

Reading is always my escape, my stress reliever & my happiness. My day will never be complete without me reading one, out of the hundreds books on my Tbr.

I have mulitiple go to genres; RomComs, Paranormal and even Dark depending on my mood. I will always be grateful for the bookworld because I have met so many wonderful and hilarious peeps all over the world. 💋