Just a few gals who love books and debauchery. 

Bitches Be Readin

BookSmacked is the brainchild of Melissa Teo and was created on December 1st, 2015 due to a passion of reading and wanting an outlet to talk about books with other bookworms. Shortly after the creation of BookSmacked, Veronica Ashley joined the team. About a year later BookSmacked added yet another member Kelly Tucker.  A triple threat trio of ladies who are extremely passionate about reading.  
What started out as a simple book blog where we would share new releases and reviews slowly grew into so much more.
A online book group BookSmacked Book Bar was created for Authors and Readers to help promote their books.
We also wanted an online Book Club specifically for woman who also share a passion of books. So in September of 2016, B.A.N.G. (BookSmacked & Naughty Girls) Book Club was created.  
With over 700 members we have a great place to chat, discuss books, give each other recommendations and just have fun.
However, we didn’t stop there. In January of 2017 BookSmacked Promotions was launched.  
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Taking our passion for books and what we have learned from being bloggers we decided to take the next step in helping Authors with their passion. By providing Marketing, a must-have strategic tool that is critical to any business in today’s world, and promotional services. Offering a wide range of services, and providing options to cater to your personal requirements and style. As part of these promotional services, we created a review team. They are an extension of our blog and our Book Club. The review team consists of 44 wonderful ladies who love all different genres of books, they love to read just as much as we do.
The blog has grown beyond our wildest dreams and we are extremely proud and honored that people have taken an interest in what we love to read and what we have to say.

Where to Find Us you Ask? Well… we are everywhere.

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Who are the Girls behind BookSmacked? 

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Hey, I’m the proud wife of a wonderful man, whom I call my bestie. I am a huge bookwhore as well as a lover of sports and am obsessed with Sharks. I’m talking big great whites. My passion is reading and my idea of bliss is sitting down with a book, a snack and a coffee. I read mostly romance but have been known to also read some para and dark. Some of my fav authors are L.A. Casey, C.M. Owens, Aurora Rose Reynolds. I tend to be slightly over dramatic when I review books, it’s not something that I can help and was even once had someone say that when I talk about books I sound like a hyped up crackhead. I take that as a compliment. LOL I am very much a speak my mind kind of gal and have been known to throw an F bomb or two or three out. I am quirky and have a sense of humor, I feel laughter is happiness.  

Veronica PngVeronica

First off I’m a mom and a sidekick to a man.. I daytime as a coordinator at a non profit that provides in home services for seniors. I weekend with a catering company when I can.. I guess you could say I night as a blogger/Admin for a kick ass blog.. I have weird taste and a variety of dislikes. I’m not the kind of girl you take home to mommy unless mommy likes piercing, tattoos, cussing and a perverted sense of humor. Oh and I may be the most opinionated person in the world that can’t make a decision to save her life. I like my tv in the form of Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls or Suits.. Scary doesn’t work cause I am a big wuss! I like my books in the contemporary romance genre, with romantic comedy and some darker sides mixed in .. My favorite authors range from C.M. Owens to Helena Hunting, B.B. Reid to R.L. Mathewson and I will admit I have a total crush on Author Meghan Quinn. I have an unhealthy obsession with junk food, we have a love hate relationship most of the time. I’m mouthy and rude with a twisted sense of humour But mostly I’m just your average joe, living the life and enjoying the ride!



I’m a mom of 4 and married to the best husband a woman could ask for! I get to stay at home and read, blog, and PA for a few amazing author during the day. But come evening  time
I’m a mitt findin’     uniform washin’   Gatorade gettin’    carpool drivin’   picture takin’ always cheerin’  Softball and Volleyball mom to my oldest daughter!
My youngest daughter is the dancin’ queen. Well my boys what can I say? They’re boys they love to be boys!   I love to read mostly romance, romantic comedies, NA, contemporary,  and dark is  quickly becoming my new favorite. I can’t read anything scary because then I’ll be checking under the bed for monsters!!  Some  of My favorite authors are Shantel Tessier, C.M. Owens, Lani Lynn Vale, K. Renee, Winter Travers, Mayra Statham, SE Hall

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In addition to the three of us we also have a select team of trusted book lovers and reviewers. They are an extension of our blog and our Book Club for ladies we call B.A.N.G.  (BookSmacked & Naughty Girls). The review team consists of 44 wonderful ladies who love all different genres of books, they love to read just as much as we do.